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Does this sound like fifth disease or something else?

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My 8 year old has a rash. It's mottled/lacy/even a bit raised in spots.


It's on his cheeks, arms, and legs. One of the arms has a pretty large (my hand size) blotch that is raised. Most of the rest sort of looks like pale skin gets when it's cold or in places if a child laid against something and got an imprint. If you look closely though the red parts are a bit raised.


He's acting like he feels fine. Not itching at all. Is this something for a doctor to see or likely no big deal?


We just moved and I can't find the camera. If I can get it I'll post a picture though. edited to add: I may found the box for the camera. If I can find the right cable and figure out how to hook it to the computer to upload a picture. It looks weird. Oh, no fever but his twin had a headache and low grade fever yesterday if that matters.

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Both of mine have had fifth disease which was basically diagnosed over the phone.


Does he or did he recently have very bright red cheeks or face, like someone slapped him or windburn? That is usually the first symptom.


Then it turns into a lacy looking rash. I noticed on their torso as well.


Here is some more info.




Fifth disease is pretty harmless and doesn't need treatment. Otherwise, you should probably see a doctor or at lease call the nurses hotline that most offices or insurance companies have.

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Two of my girls had Fifth's Disease about two months ago. It started out with the classic red cheeks and then turned into a lacy red rash over their extremities. It didn't itch or bother them at all; it was just "ugly." LOL! I called the doctor and was advised not to come in unless they started itching, running a fever, or anything else out of the ordinary. And with Fifth's Disease, by the time they break out, they aren't contagious anymore. Oh, and they cannot be around anyone who is pregnant!

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