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Need your best recommendations for a *knock out* cold/cough remedy

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Dd18 just returned from a week in Costa Rica, and has been suffering the last few days with an annoying cough and sinus condition (several others got it, too). While I've been giving her everything in my herbal arsenal, the cough is getting very frustrating. I've given her olive leaf, elderberry, vitamin c, colloidal silver, medicinal tea for respiratory health, with honey and lemon. She leaves in just 2 days for a very important 2 day meeting with the other students who were awarded fellowships. It is a big deal and she really, really needs to feel better and have her voice. What else can I do?

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there are various renditions of this remedy... but the one that I do... is some warm water in a mug, add 1- 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 2 tsp honey or to taste, squeeze of fresh lemon juice... you can also add a dash of cayenne if you think she'll stand it...

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You can simmer onion in honey until its translucent, let it cool, then strain it (or don't). Take the honey by the spoonful. It's a decent cough suppressant.


I guess the question, though, is where the cough is coming from. Drainage? Lungs affected? That will help determine what the best bet for dealing with it is.


Garlic and eucalyptus rubbed into the bottom of the feet, with socks over it, can help clear everything out (but you end up with garlic eucalyptus dragon breath).

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Not natural, but have you considerd any OTC meds? I have to say that some are quite good at allowing one to sleep, and they do seem to help with the basic issue. (Reduce fever, dry things up, take the aches away for a time etc.) I only go for these things when I have to really be somewhere.


Alka Seltzer Plus, Vicks Nyquil have worked for me.


I really am a Tea Tree oil, Eucalyptus gal. Wild Cherry from GAIA is also good, but there is something freaky -fast about the common OTC stuff.


Mincing up some raw garlic and downing it in yogurt is also really great. Follow it up with lots of fresh parsely. (Anti bacterial/anti viral, and helps with the garlic breath.)

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I've had great luck with a homeopathic remedy called "Drosera Rotundifolia." It has ended a lingering cough when nothing allopathic worked.


The other thing that might help is to use a saline nasal rinse in the shower several times a day. The more "ick" you can get out of her body, the sooner she'll stop coughing.





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