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How do you organize paper?


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Depending on what kind of paper it is determines how I store it. Printer paper sits on my computer desk. It also doubles as drawing paper sometimes so I hide from DS so he doesn't decide he has a whole ream of drawing paper. :D


White paper that has only been drawn/printed on one side goes in a set of sterilite drawers. The other drawers hold cheapy construction paper, old scrapbook papers I don't mind the kids using for crafts, and a leftover ream of neon printer paper I bought ages ago for lap/notebooking. DS and his friends have free reign of the supplies in these drawers as long as they clean up their mess.


My nicer scrapbook type cardstock is stored in a magazine holder on my bookshelf. DS and his friends know they have to ask before using it. It's used mostly for school projects I want to last a long time. HTH!

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My school room shares space with my scrapbook room. :) Okay, who am I kidding....my scrapbook has to share! LOL


ANyways, I have shelves in the closet in the room and have different sterilite containers for the different size sheeets. It is also where I store extra school supplies in sterilite containers too.


My computer paper is on a shelf under the printer.

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How we organize:


- Box of printing paper sits under my computer table.

- Art cupboard has a little shelf along the top, I have 3 stacks there. 1st is display folder, file folders, all the weird bits & pieces, 2nd is scrap paper - all the stuff thats printed on one side. The kids use this for drawing. 3rd is Card - all of the card/board type paper.

- Construction paper goes into a portable filing box in hanging files, arranged by colour (roygbiv+black,white&grey) a folder is left at the back for more unusual printer items (photo paper, speciality printing paper etc)

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I have a couple of those wire racks and put paper in them, sorted by color for the construction paper (the regular size stuff), and put into file folders for the cardstock and white paper and graph paper. Notebook paper just goes in a desk drawer, and our printer sits on filing cabinets so we keep the printer paper in a drawer there.

I had two shoe racks that I stacked for our art paper shelf, but I'm taking them down.


Here's a post from my defunct blog that shows our school room a few years ago. You can see the paper in the corner (click and the photos enlarge). The art side is quite messy, sorry.

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