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VBS ideas needed!!!

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Our vbs is coming up and I am teaching the preschool 3-5 class. I am

seriously stumped on ideas. We are going with a construction theme

And our saying is "be a tool in Gods tool belt". I need help with my

Lessons. I thought of using a hammer to "hammer" gods word in our hearts

Using Moses and the ten commandments. Another lesson is using a saw to

Cut sin out of our life. I'm just having serious brain fog

Coming up with lessons and ideas. I'm usually quick

Thinking but having a major mental block planning


Please help!

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I agree that it's important not to use the phrase 'be a tool'. It is common enough slang that it is what I thought right away.


I think with the theme it's important that the emphasis is that God uses us all in different ways. That we are part of the action as opposed to being acted upon, kwim?


Some ideas for construction theme element/Bible story/application:


hammer and nails (work together)/a story about working together like when they hold up Moses' arms/talk to the kids about how God uses them with other people to work together for good


saw and screwdriver (very different but perfect for their own job)/the passage about all body parts being important/talk to the kids about how everyone has different gifts that God uses...maybe bring in adults they know that have different roles


cinder block/story about building a house upon a rock/encouragement to learn about God


You can give the kids a chance to use some tools, well-supervised of course. Pre-drive some nails part of the way and let kids hammer in the rest of the way. Can do the same with screws and screwdrivers.


You can plant flowers in cinder blocks for around the church grounds.


There are cute necklaces you can make with a strip of bandanna and a metal nut. The strips of fabric are twirled up while wet and left to dry, then a nut is put on...nuts for Jesus! If this is too hard they could put the nut on a simpler necklace or bracelet.

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How about "Building a Strong Foundation" or "Becoming one of God's Craftsmen."


For an overarching theme you could go with the parable of the foundation build upon rock vs that built on sand. We build our foundation by studying God's word, etc. So you could focus each day on a specific way to build the foundation. Study, prayer, loving one another, etc.




For a theme based on Craftsmen of the Bible, I would look to the story of Noah building the ark; David receiving the instructions to build the Temple and Samuel actually building it; the instructions given for the building of the Tabernacle and the detailed work of the various craftsmen...

You could also discuss the Tower of Babel, or how the Walls of Jericho couldn't stand up against God. Sum up with Jesus, the Carpenter and perhaps the Bible's admonishment that no matter what we do, we do our best.


There's also the plumb line Bible verses. http://bible.cc/isaiah/28-17.htm

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