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Can someone help with my quilt top plan?

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I have 10 jungle squares.... and 15 checked squares and I can make as many solid colored squares to add in for the top...


I am having a hard time planning how to lay out the 10 and 15 (can be 9 and 14 or whatever)...


Anyone want to help take a stab at it?



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When I plan out, I lay my squares on a flannel-backed tablecloth; that helps me to visualize better.


How about cut out solid color squares of paper, and lay them out on a table of floor somewhere? You can also take a picture of that configuration; I do that, then somehow looking at it on my computer helps me to see it better.

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I am using leftovers/scraps from the nursery set that I made for my grandson...




Basically, the material is leftover from the curtains/crib skirt... jungle print, cut into about 5-6 in squares... and green/white checked cut in squares to match... and I have a lot of cream....


I am making a simple quilt for a friend who is having a baby boy... money is tight, so I would like to make something using what I have on hand.


I plan on the back of the quilt being the green/white checked material (because that's my large piece!)... it fits 5 squares across and 5 top to bottom... I can make it 4 by 5 if that works out better... or 5 by 5....


Thanks again!!

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