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New Fantasy Fiction Book by 13yo Homeschooler

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My 13-year-old daughter just released her first book on Kindle:

  • Falsely accused of stealing a magic artifact, Chris is forced to leave home, never to return. As he and three friends travel toward the border, however, they are warned of great danger approaching the land. They set out to solve an ancient riddle -- but will they be able to save the kingdom, or will the quest cost them their lives?

Teresa has done the NaNoWriMo Youth Program as part of her language studies for the past three years and has written many stories on her blog, but this is the first time we've followed through and published one of her books. It will also be available as a paperback in a week or so -- we're waiting on our proof copies, so we can approve it.


Of course I'm biased, but I think she did a pretty good job, as first books go. It's clearly the beginning of a series, so she sets up more plot threads than she resolves -- but I did convince her not to wait for this year's Nano to start Book Two. (I want to find out what happens next!)


Anyway, if you or your kids enjoy fantasy fiction or are interested in reading something written by a fellow homeschooler, and if you have a Kindle or Kindle Reading App, you might want to download the sample chapters of her book and check it out. She would love to get some reviews!

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