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Did anyone else try making artisan bread in your crockpot?

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Here is the original, inspirational thread.


My bread was OK--not great. But I think my mistake could have been attempting too large of a loaf. The Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day concept produces a smaller loaf. I made up some wet dough--about two "grapefruits" in size. Since the objective (in my opinion) is avoiding the oven, I did not harden the crust under the broiler.


Anyone else have a report?

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I've made it twice. Both times it has turned out just okay. I did brown them up under the broiler, but I'm just not pleased with the texture on the inside.


My best bread is always made by cooking it in a cast iron dutch oven.


I'm a vegan and have told myself over and over that I'm so glad that I don't need a dutch oven (expense and storage). But now, you've got me looking for a good deal on one! :tongue_smilie:

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Here's the classic boule on the grill:




Here are rolls on the grill, and at the bottom of the article, there are links to all of their grill baking.




Thank you for these links!

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