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Spelling Review for High School

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My dd is taking the ITBS this week, and she said she has felt the least confidence with the spelling test. She scored well above average on the spelling section of the last ITBS she took, but it was her weakest subject.


Can anyone recommend a good spelling review curriculum that she could do quickly and easily?

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My high schoolers have taken the ACT, SAT, PSAT, or PLAN (pre-ACT). Those don't really have spelling on them, so maybe that's why you aren't getting much response.


Typically, spelling turns into vocabulary in high school. And vocabulary is often not studied on its own but instead paired with reading or science or whatever. You can get vocab study books, and some of them have little mnemonics and memory aids, or give lots of sentences for a mini context. But the reason it often isn't studied as a separate subject is that high school vocab is often words that students don't use in daily conversation, so it will never be reinforced unless it's connected to a context. Spelling is basically the same way -- high school lists of spelling words are often not going to be words the student understands, unless maybe you have a very big reader.


One method that comes in handy is studying Greek and Latin word roots. One root will help you figure out the meaning of many other words. Several standard roots programs include English From the Roots Up, Critical Thinking Company, Jensen's, Caesar's English from MCT, and Vocabulary Vine.




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Any recommendations?


My recommendation is to...just not. Spelling is typically not studied in high school. Simply correct spelling errors when they occur is standard procedure. (A good spell check program on a computer is great for that! I've noticed with my kids that spell check goes a long way to making them better spellers. Nothing like an immediate reaction when a word is spelled incorrectly!)

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