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I get the SAF instant yeast in vacuum packs from Sam's Club. Lasts a long time in the frig when opened.


I use these Chicago Metallic 1 1/2 lb commercial loaf pans. They'll last forever. Since I make 6 loaves at a time, PC stoneware is impractical. These use 20-22 oz of dough per pan for whole wheat, probably a bit less for white, since it rises more. Most bread machine recipe batches fit just right in these pans, too.

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I also buy the SAF vacuum pack of yeast from either Sams or food co-op. I store it in the freezer where it stays fresh for at least a year.


I use Norpro bread pans. They weren't very expensive & I really do like them. I bake 4-5 loaves at one time.

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I can fit 6 stoneware pans in my oven. I just rotate them mid way from bottom to top shelf.


Well, I have two ovens, but I was referring to the cost.


I did make a mistake. As I was getting my loaf pans out this morning for the bread dough, I realized I wasn't using the big ones. The 20-22 oz of dough is for the 8-9" pan. I DO use the big ones for dough made in the bread machine. Sorry.

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