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taking pictures with cell phones....question

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I just bought a new tracfone that has picture taking ablities....but after you take the picture, can I send it to my computer somehow so I can print the photo or use it in my digital scrapbooks...or can I only share it with other people who have similar types of phones? My owners manual doesn't tell me. ANd I don't have internet ablities...so I bet I can't do anything with those pictures, can I?

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I called and talked to Tracfone last night for about an hour. The lady I spoke said my phone was using the wrong cell tower for this and she switched my phone number to use a differnet tower and that was suppose to work. I was to wait an hour and try it...so I did and it still didn't work...but by then I was too tired to mess with it....I guess I will call back this morning...but I am getting the feeling that my pictures just might be stuck on my phone. The only thing I can think of is to maybe see if I can send them to someone else's phone and then have them email the pictures back to me...but I hate that idea too. But I guess, it's not like I will be taking that many pictures using my phone....I do have a nice little camera I use. I am must sort of bummed that i spent money on this phone (not only becasue it has a camera....but that was ONE of the reasons) and now I can't use it very easily. sigh!!!

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