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Some things I will never know how to do

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and one of them is to cut up a mango into neat pretty little pieces. :glare:


I've watch youtube videos, had people show me, watched it done on cooking shows, and yet I simply end up with big slippery blobs of juicy mango that I just slurp into my mouth.


Still tastes yummy but it's not a pretty sight to watch. :D

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I always say "It only has to taste good, it doesn't have to look good!"


I mean, really, unless you're on a cooking show, does it matter? Just slurp those pieces up and enjoy!! Mango is so delicious!


(it might be the type of mango, by the way. Some are more fibrous than others - those hold their shape better when sliced, but then they are "stringy" when you eat them. Stick with the kind that give you unattractive juicy blobs of fruit to slurp, they taste much better/have a much better texture when eaten!)

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Any mango is good mango, as far as I'm concerned.


It might be a ripeness of mango versus sharpness of knife problem, though. I keep my knives really sharp, and usually have presentable chunks, but a mango that's slightly over-ripe? Slurp!

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