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How can you find out someone's date of birth?

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No, he died in 1985. I feel just awful that I can't remember. I thinks it's Feb 3, she said it was Feb 11. I think she's confusing it with my birthday which is Oct 11.


I tried internet searches, but they all lead to subscription websites. Even all the newspaper's obituary archives are managed by Legacy.com which wants your credit card info even for a free 7 day trial. I don't want to give that info.

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Try this site http://stevemorse.org/ssdi/ssdi.html for the Social Security Death Index. The index is not infallible, but is a good starting point.


You can also search for a copy of his death certificate, which should be on file in the county where he died. It's likely that the information is on there as long as the person giving the information knew it. Some counties have the information online in a searchable database, others may require you to either search in person or pay for a copy of the death certificate. If it's for SS purposes, you may need a certified copy, which will be a bit more expensive. I would first try googling the county's website, look for the Office of Vital Records and see if they have an online database. You can also google "death certificate" and the county and state you need to see what comes up.

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