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Can two different MM levels work on the same MEP level?


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Yes, I think so.


MM Y2 focusses mostly on addition and subtraction to the hundreds. Multiplication is introduced only in one chapter towards the end.


MEP Y2 has addition and subtraction to the tens only. The focus is on multiplication and division.


So yes, I think your two students can start MEP Y2 together.


Waiting for more people to chime in...

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Warning !!


MEP year 1 has unique problems (some geometry and 'balancing/<,>,=' problems) which are NOT in MM 1 and MM 2.


Before going to year 2 of MEP, I suggest you to backtrack a bit to MEP 1A to introduce your dc to those concepts.


Also, MEP 1B teaches teen addition/subtr (going over 10) which is not taught in MM 1. In my experience, it's easier to teach teen addition/subtraction using MM 2A (if I remember this correctly).

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