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Problems with Shurley Grammar

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I'm using SG with my son but am finding it too confusing, and he ends up losing patience. What I really need is something that is equally challenging and thorough, but starts at page 1 and continues to the end, without having 2 books and having to flip back and forth. I've read that some people are using "AG" and "R&S". What do these abreviations stand for please? And are they simpler to use, yet just as good as SG? Thanks so much!

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R&S stands for Rod and Staff. I just started using it in January, and I've been very pleased. It follows a logical order without having too much included in each lesson. I was confused by other grammar programs, too. Either the pages were too busy, or the format was confusing. I have found Rod and Staff to be very simple to use. I bought the teacher's guide, but I've barely used it because the instructions in the book are quite adequate. My goal is to have my son do this program independently, but for now we're doing it together as he's not previously had a formal grammar program. I'm using the 4th grade book with him even though he is in 6th grade, and I find it to be just right. I looked at either the 5th or 6th grade book at the homeschool store and found it to be fairly advanced, so I opted to step back a couple of levels with him.

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IEW=Institute for Excellence in Writing-we used a variety of their products

WWS=Writing With Skill


I should have said this the first time when you asked about R&S. And my apologies if you already knew these.


For more acronyms check the K-8 Curriculum board and look for the sticky at the top about abbreviations.

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Yeah, Shurley can drive you nuts if you let it. I gave up on it the first time (SG2) but finally went back because it had that slow, plodding approach my dd really needed. You said you want challenging, and frankly Shurley isn't challenging. Analytical Grammar, Rod and Staff, Voyages in English, Abeka, any of those would work just fine. There are even a few interesting, less common ones. Winston I haven't used. The other ones you might like are, well the name is slipping my mind! Abbeyej uses it with her boy, and it uses literature. I thought the samples looked really sharp on RR. But if you want more traditional, any of the regular ones would be fine. AG even has videos to go with it.

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