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Has anyone started a Rube Goldberg club?

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I thought it might be fun to try and start a Rube Goldberg club... like have a box of materials for each team of kids and they need to use them to build something to perform a task, like knock a block off a table or something.


Has anyone tried something like this, or know where I could get ideas for projects they could attempt? General searching online leads mostly to videos of completed machines...

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Thinking about it more, I thought what if we started with some simpler things like maybe give them a box of dominoes and have them play with setting up runs -- maybe require one to be multi-level (like some on top of a box going down to a table, kwim?). Maybe a marble run? So try having them play with individual elements, then later have them work on combining different elements... hm...


The Junk box link looks great, thanks for that!

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