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buying a kindle! Help me shop!

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I would recommend trying them out in a store to see how they feel in your hands.

I realized after holding them that only the Fire and the Keyboard were comfortable for me.

Target, Staples and Best Buys normally have them, but be warned they do not always work at the stores. At least you can hold them though!

Happy shopping!

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I have a Kindle Touch, and I love it. I don't have any issues with the size of it, but I do have fairly small hands, so that might have something to do with it. I have a lot of books on mine, so I can't imagine having the regular Kindle and having to use the dpad to get to the book I want.


I keep mine in the case while I read, and if that's your plan you'll probably want to buy the Kindle first, and then bring it in and try it out in different cases. I did that at Walmart, and they let me open up all the different cases to see which one I liked. I ended up getting an M-Edge case that was twenty bucks, and I love it. It zips close and is extremely durable, which is good because I bring my Kindle everywhere. It has a pocket for a light and another pocket for, er, something. Not sure what.


I wouldn't waste money on those forty dollar leather cases you see everywhere, but that's just me.


This is the light I got:




and it works great. Very, very bright though, so if you have sensitive eyes, try for something a bit dimmer. It's great because it's so versatile- I can clip it on my Kindle or a regular book, or I can remove the clip and plug it into a usb port on my laptop.

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I'm not even sure how many kindle options there are right now, but I do know that there is quite a difference in the different ones. We have a Kindle Keyboard and a Kindle Fire.


I would suggest that you decide what your priority use for the machine is.


The Keyboard is actually my favorite. It is lighter, it's easier for me to read (you need light, though). I love that it has free 3G so when our electricity has been off, I can still read email messages. I can take it on trips and have internet. (However, the browser is not easy to use). You can't get apps on it or do much besides read and (if desperate;o) use the internet.


The kids love the Fire. They use it to play games, watch Netflix and other videos, use the web. While you can read books on it, it strains our eyes more plus it's heavy to hold if trying to read when lying down. You must have a WiFi connection to use the internet. It's almost like a little computer... or more like a little tablet, I guess. It's fun.


I have only one kindle that I keep charged and it's the old Keyboard:o)


The kindles are different shapes and sizes so you'll want to know which one you are getting before you think about a cover. I found simple covers which cost under $12 each and if you know which kindle you're getting, I can check on brands for you. I haven't needed a light for the KK, but I have info saved on which lights are recommended. (You don't need a light for the Fire.)



HTH. They're great little machines!

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