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Saxon math...not enough lesson practice!! Remedy??


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DS is in Saxon 87.... however there simply isn't enough lesson practice each lesson for him to grasp it well.....


do I find something else that is maybe mastery approached? Is there another curriculum that might suit him better?


I really don't want to stop mid year like this.... so here is what I did.....

I went through several lessons ahead of the current lesson he is on. I pulled out (from the mixed practices)all the problems pertaining to the current lesson. He will do those in addition to what the lesson assigns and then do the mixed practice as usual. Each day this week I am having him do this. I think most lessons came out with about 5 extra problems.


We will see how this goes..... but if anyone has any suggestions on other math programs to look at I would appreciate it.



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The thing with Saxon is that full mastery is not expected right after the first lesson, it is great if it happens but does not always happen. The mastery comes after weeks of working with similar types of problems. When using the high school books with sd it was not uncommon for her to have to refer back to previous lessons in order to rember how to do something.


One thing you might want to have your child do is take notes from the textbook. If you have a section in a notebook for chapter notes they can easily go back and look up a formula or a definition when needed. It may also be away for him to reinforce the material.

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