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  1. No update.....nothing else has transpired.... at this point just going on with life and if anything shall arise we will deal with it. However our neighbors are aware and are keeping their eyes open to any potential issues.
  2. No update.....nothing else has transpired.... at this point just going on with life and if anything shall arise we will deal with it. However our neighbors are aware and are keeping their eyes open to any potential issues.
  3. Yes..thank you all so much for your responses....it has helped to hear from others that we shouldn't feel guilty or responsible. This has been so stressful for both DH and I. We are both very compassionate and caring people and it's difficult to be that way in a situation like this where you have to be "all business" I have to remind myself the law wouldn't be this way if there wasn't a good reason for it.... these used car deals need to be "as is" because there is too much that can go wrong unexpectedly with a car.
  4. we had a van once.... I left my house and not 2 minutes down the road I realized it was acting funny....turned around came back to the house.... dh came home and it wouldn't go anywhere. So yes it can happen suddenly. Will wait and see what happens though... he was pretty angry with the first couple phone calls to my husband and not very happy with our final texts to him. I was in the house with our children when they guy and his 2 sons came to look at the car.... I thought the man drove the car farther than he did when he test drove it..however DH said he drove literally 2 minutes down the road, came back wanted to buy it...that quick. DH handed him the keys to drive to get title notarized and the man declined and told my DH to drive since he knew where he was going. Even after the man gave my husband the cash he still didn't not want to drive the car back to our house to drop my husband off. Now I'm sitting here thinking..... is this cash this man gave me that we still have COUNTEFEIT?????? Yikes. The way this whole story has gone.... it makes me wonder... Deb
  5. well as it stands now we have no idea what will transpire. I am preparing for him to take us to small claims court and if so we will deal with it then. This is just so stressful for DH and him trying to do his job. That is mainly why he blocked the guy... he just didn't want the constant interruption all day at work.
  6. yes normally we do transactions at a public location...with a car it's different. Our address was on the bill of sale and title so..
  7. well I said decent... can't remember his exact words but it was more like "I can send my son" which I didn't really consider a threat. BTW..anyone know what happens on other end when you block someone from texting and calling on an iPhone? I know the texts won't go through but I read the calls go instantly to voicemail?
  8. he was actually being decent and he hasn't technically threatened us.... but maybe that is so there is no proof via texts..kwim? The only reason he wanted to send the son to our house was to pick up what he thought of was our "half" or "our contribution" to the repairs. We live on a small cul de sac with only about 15 houses..my neighbor almost lives directly across the road from us and he is a deputy sheriff for our county. I don't know him super well but I can go over and talk to him today. We also have a friend on the police force of our town. I can have DH get in contact with him today. I researched all about private sells in our state and everything that I came up with said it's an "as is" transaction UNLESS it can be proved we somehow scammed him which we didn't. I also looked up the small claims court process. It's fairly cheap to do but he would have to do so in our county and would again have to prove something. Yes a judge could side with him since it happened so soon after the car was bought/sold but I also would argue i have no idea what happened when the car left here. btw...we do have a fairly good sized dog...and the dog would go after someone trying to harm us. I don't want to use that though because in our county anyone that comes in to our yard and is bitten can have our dog taken no matter the circumstances.
  9. UPDATE*** He was quiet all day long til this evening...he texted DH a few times, then called.... we just ignored him because #1 we were busy and #2 we were trying to determine the best way to finalize it all. The man said he would send his son to our house tomorrow to pick up the cash if that was ok.... to text him back and let him know. He would appreciate us helping him with the repair. Dh finally texted him and pretty much said we never agreed to refund any money or help repair the car. Then he got a bit ugly. Said we sold him a junk car, he paid more than the value etc... we finally just blocked him. So, here we sit wondering what will take place next. I believe the man we have been dealing with is in another state..his son who the car was for lives in our state. I do know both came to look at the car and test drive it and buy it last weekend. Not sure what the future holds. Will they show up at our house at some point? Will they go away quietly? Will they take us to court? Who knows. All I know is I'm going to keep my eyes and ears open around here and whatever happens, happens and we will deal with it. Dh is on edge though.... we are home all day and he doesn't work close by. We have good neighbors though and they will keep their eyes open as well and would be here at a moments notice if I really needed them. Hopefully I don't. at least they don't live very close.... I think I would be more nervous if they did. Debbie
  10. update: no other communication has taken place...no $$ sent .. at this point it sounds like they are looking for cheaper way to fix this car. I do feel terrible that it happened. I do know for certain that I drove that car/DH drove that car and neither of us had any indication from the transmission it was having issues. Drove no differently than it ever had. I do believe he really took it to the dealership to have it looked at though because he knew about service that had been done to it. According to him ... they told him the transmission was shot and had been... I don't see how that is possible as if that were the case we would have had issues the weeks/days leading up to the sale of the car, the guy would have noticed issues when he test drove it and also on the 2 hour drive home. All I know is we had no indication in the way the car drove that there was any problem. Not sure if he gets it fixed less expensively how we will proceed. First of all I have no idea if the car was driven in such a way that caused the fail once they left my house. I could very well be paying to help fix a car they broke. I also would be handing over $$ to someone mechanic I do not know if is legit or not. We don't have a local mechanic here that worked on that car as we never had an issue with it. We had the fluid changed by the dealership last as it was recommended. I also hesitate to hand over any $$ because I don't want it to look like I am claiming responsibility in any way. I guess in that case if we did I could send a certified letter stating this was in no way showing fault on my end. I don't know. I hate all this happened. I am sick about it. I stressed about it all day yesterday and so did DH. I have a feeling the guy is gonna be texting him and calling him again today. Uughhh
  11. He paid in cash so no problems there...
  12. he has since texted my husband again and is searching for a remanufactured transmission..... says he wants things resolved tonight....
  13. he's wanting a NEW transmission...which isn't necessary.... I don't want to even begin to bargain with him though because he will assume we are taking responsibility and we are not.
  14. my fear on refunding the guys money and taking the car back is what has he potentially done to it in some way to damage it out of spite...kwim?
  15. "as is" is not written on the bill of sale but in our state it is my understanding all private auto sales are "as is"
  16. On Saturday DH sold his 09 car to a private buyer. Car was in good working order, no problems, well taken care of, maintained etc... but it was a daily commuter so had just under 190000 miles on it. The guy called DH today and said transmission went out on him and he was NOT happy He either wanted DH to take the car back and give him his money back or pay for repairs ($3700 as quoted by dealership) The guy test drove the car on Saturday and DH had driven the car everyday up until that day and there was no indication of a problem. The guy that bought it drove it back home 2 hours away and said when he went to start it this morning it wouldn't go into gear. He has called DH multiple times today. We feel badly this has happened but the car was driving fine for us and even when the guy test drove it. He did not have a mechanic check it out before hand but I feel that was his choice. As badly as we feel we know that is a risk you take when you buy a used car. We also have NO IDEA how the car was driven when he left here.... The last voice mail DH received from him he was asking for us to pay 1/2 cost of repair because his son didn't make a lot of $$ and this is who the car is for. Honestly I know we are not obligated to give him anything but part of me wants to do something... we are just afraid if we offered $500 of his money back he may take that as a confession of responsibility on our part. This is a tough situation...WWYD? My stomach has been in knots all day over this....ughhh Debbie
  17. My 6th grade daughter has aspirations of becoming a Veterinarian. I know the math and sciences are very important. She doesn't LOVE math...but she does like it enough that she does it everyday without me saying a word ;) I don't believe she is necessarily gifted in math but she does well. I believe not hating math is half the battle anyway :) Right now she is doing Horizons...I just don't like the way it's set up and I know there is something better. I know Saxon is used by many but I know other things have come along over the years that might even be better. Looking for suggestions :) Thanks Debbie
  18. DS is learning Java now....it is a semester long course so he is looking for something to do in Spring to round out his year. He already has a good grasp of Python and C. He is thinking maybe c# or c++ but I believe those would take more than 1 semester to learn. Any suggestions? Thanks Debbie
  19. Looking for a good Algebra text or texts that will cover all of Algebra for reference purposes and review purposes. I have heard some good things about Lials but not sure which one is the best? Something other than Lials better? Mainly something I can have around for my kids to reference and use to brush up on areas they may be rusty in. I have a high schooler who appears to be a bit rusty in some areas in algebra especially...maybe a few gaps but hopefully not. Thanks Debbie
  20. If he goes just for the 2 year degree he only needs Pre-calculus. If he goes the University route he needs much more than that so obviously we want to do Pre-Cal this year.
  21. So as of now he is going to take Pre-calculus, not sure what to use though. He's smart but I would not call him "gifted" in math so something like Aops Pre-calc might be too difficult..along with some of the others I have seen mentioned as "honors level" I know a lot of you say TT is not rigorous enough yet I have seen others say their child did well on ACT/SAT and they had used TT throughout high school. For this particular field I understand where the TT may not be challenging enough... but he learns best that way... video instruction vs plain textbook. Any suggestions? recommendations? Debbie
  22. most if not all of the courses at the CC level for university transfer are the general courses such as math, science, social/behavioral sciences... the main computer science courses are taken in the junior/senior year.
  23. sorry.. "securities" as in Information Systems Securities one of his desires is "software development" and this I know will more than likely require a 4 year degree. Right we would need to go the university transfer route, begin with local CC first then transfer to keep costs down. The one college we are looking at looks like it doesn't have a transfer program set up in his "field" however. They have a great Computer Science degree but as far as I can see it is not one of the degrees transferable under their university transfer program. We do however have another option actually closer commute just not our 1st choice. Deb
  24. DS is a senior in high school this year. He really wants a degree in Computer Programming and is looking at the local CC to obtain this degree. Many I have talked to say a 2 year degree is sufficient but yet I read differing opinions online. I am not sure how to direct our son. What is the best course to take. College transfer program then a 4 year computer science degree? Stay the course with the 2 year degree and later he can go for the 4 year degree if he so choses? I know there are many areas in the IT field to go into... and maybe depending on which route you chose would direct to either a 2 year vs 4 year degree. I know securities is big and growing but his 1st choice is programming. I want him to make the wisest decision yet let it be his to make as well. Any and all advice, suggestions, experience is welcomed... Debbie
  25. actually I was looking for something to do in place of Pre-calc... I was questioning how difficult this would be using Aops and it sounds like it would not be.
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