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  1. My husband is pretty much this way, in all areas of homeschooling and homemaking and I love it!...I choose the curricula we use, the furniture in the house, the supplies and whatever we need for the home...My husband feels like I am the one in the house all day, so I should put in it what I want to - he doesn't care...I know some husbands who need to be involved in every decision, from drapes in the livingroom to the books the kids read...I would never want that...I love the freedom of not having to come to an agreement with him on every single aspect of our lives together...On the flip side,
  2. Just bumping this up incase there are any more discounts...I am looking at a few of these for the future, but they are expensive!
  3. We use the Memoria Press guides...I am reading this thread with interest because I don't have experience with other guides and wonder how they compare...Most of the high school guides are not ready yet, so I may have to choose a different guide if we progress faster than they do 😉
  4. I am currently using MP with my boys...I use to school using WTM suggestions, but slowly switched over to MP...We are now using all MP...Here is what I think after having experience with both... It really depends on what you prefer and what you want...Don't switch just for the lesson plans - unless you are the type that hates planning and really needs plans, you will probably be disappointed...I have the plans and use them, but not as written...We school 4 days a week, and my oldest is doing a mix of different grades for his 9th grade year, so I have to modify the plans to suit our needs..
  5. I agree with this...We are currently using Latina Christiana and First Form Latin at my house...My oldest used Latina last year...The DVDs are a big help, the book is simple and streamlined, without cluttered pages or unnecessary graphics...I like the way it looks and I like the way it teaches :)
  6. :huh: Man, you better have the best library in the country with all of those fines!...I didn't realize people paid out so much money in fines...
  7. Yes, I have taken breaks due to fines...I am not crazy about the selection at our library, when I take the kids they want to bring home stuff I would rather leave there, and it can be difficult to manage the holds because I reserve the books I want to check out... I am currently using the library now only to get specific books I need (I go alone), or to borrow a movie if I do not want to wait for Netflix to send it to me... Our library really does not have a good selection of books in my opinion, but they do have some things...
  8. I wanted to bump this up to see how you are doing and what you have decided?...I tend to be a "deep not wide" person, so I am curious...That looks like a lot of reading for year one, more than going deep would allow 😉...
  9. Thank you Mystie...I enjoy both of your blogs and will sign up...
  10. I wanted to bring this back up because I am considering it, but it is now $10 a month...Has anyone here signed up?...Is it worth $100-$120 a year?
  11. I think the person wants to involve the OP to have someone who agrees and backs up her claims since she doesn't have any children...People usually like to have more than one person saying what they are, sort of like doubling up on someone...It would be easier for the person to ignore her sister, but having a third party's input is more compelling... Never get involved as a third party to anything you don't know about for sure...The first to present a case always appears right until a second person comes and challenges him...
  12. Yes, Homeschooling at the Helm is applicable to any family religion wise...
  13. This...The problem with this entire situation is the assessment being used...Terms like "educational neglect" differ wildly depending on who you talk to, and their standards of what an education should entail...The food example above is a good one...We would not "step in" because we disagreed with someone's choice of diet for her child, but we get to "step in" based on our opinions of what an education should look like... There are plenty of people being truly neglected by their parents...I grew up in the ghetto were real neglect was rampant...I can't even imagine someone contacting anyone
  14. My oldest is in 9th grade now and we are not outsourcing anything at this point, so I voted "0"...The only classes I am considering outsourcing at this point would be science in his 11th and 12th grade year to fulfill the lab requirement...I really don't want to outsource anything, so we will see...If we need to we will, and if we don't we won't... It is also encouraging to me to read about families who made it all the way through without outsourcing, though that seems more and more rare today...
  15. I would borrow a book from a close friend or lend a book to a close friend, but I prefer to buy my homeschool materials...I like books in very good condition, and have a hard time buying used books and curricula unless I know it is in excellent condition...I make exceptions to this rule for old or out of print books; those I would buy second hand in less than great condition... I want the freedom to use my homeschool stuff as I please without the worry of returning it to someone...I also would not want to lend out what I plan to use again...I would gladly give away what I don't need anymor
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