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need to think of creative "punishment jobs" for ds 9

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:001_huh: we are having a time with zachary being disrespectful/sassy (especially to grandpa but us too) and our psychologist/kid behavior dr says to give him job cards (clean the toilet-clean the garbage can-take out garbage-clean the baseboards-etc) as consequence punishments for when he's rude/disrespectful/sassy ---he has gotten 2 job cards this weekend and it was to clean the toilet--today he pipes up and tells me "I LIKE DOING THIS-THIS IS FUN!"....:001_huh: LOL just my luck--maybe I can give him this to do as a regular chore now LOL....but seriously,I need some creative ideas for punishment job cards......any ideas?:confused:

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Ugh. I tried that as "natural consequences" for not flushing the toilet. Now, they don't flush AND they fight over who "gets" to clean the toilet. :lol:


A friend of mine has her kids wash walls. The trick for her is that it's tedious and takes a long time. When mine can't control themselves, I have them move firewood, rake, etc.

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Cleaning out the 'fridge.

Spray and wipe all the switch plates (not outlet covers).

Cleaning baseboards.

Clean out the garage.

Shovel snow.

Chop wood

Cut the grass

Cut the neighbors grass without pay.

Pick up trash in the yard of your house of worship.

Vacuum out the car

Do a good deed for a family member

Do a good deed for a non-family member

Wash dishes after the evening meal for 1, 2 or 3 days

Sort laundry

Clean out the cat litter

Patrol the yard and clean up doggie-don't

Do both of the above for a neighbor

Wash windows

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