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old testament timeline?


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Ancient timelines are very controversial


Mystery of History uses a very conservative Christian timeline that does NOT agree with secular timelines at all.




At the other end of the spectrum you will find secular timelines with Biblical event squeezed in, that do NOT match up with the genealogies.

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Here's a couple before I drag myself to bed. :sleep:




Blue Letter Bible


Bible History


Bible World History


This one is very good (my favorite) but only available via the wayback machine and it may take a minute or so to load (you might get a page that says, "Loading site...as close to the date blah blah blah as available" or something like that). If you select & copy the text, you can paste it into a word/open office document (or print it) so you don't have to keep loading the wayback site. It is quite long so be prepared for information overload :D


If you are looking for something else, reply & I will dig through all my book marks in the morning.

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We are Presbyterian, if that makes a difference.


Nope, that doesn't help :-) when science and the Bible APPEAR to contradict each other, do you trust man or the book? Are you afraid of your children learning it "wrong" according to the tests, or to the book that most presbyterians believe God gave to them to trust?


My choice is to pick the genealogy method of timekeeping, not because I have faith, but because the Bible is part of my heritage, and I believe I have the RIGHT to CHOOSE to base my historical beliefs off of my heritage.


I've learned in my trauma recovery that I have the right to be "wrong" and do it anyway. I have the right to make mistakes and change my mind. I have the right to do all this without having to defend myself or to explain myself.


So I have chosen the resources MOH is based off of, and if I still had children to teach that is what I would use with them. When they were old enough, I would introduce them to the controversy surrounding timelines, and when older still, I would give them a general quick overview of the major differences, but tell them it really doesn't matter unless they are planning a career in archeology.


I don't believe in lots of "proving" God and the Bible are true. I don't believe in "proving" much of anything I believe or do. I just get to invest a reasonable amount of time looking at my choices, pick the best option for ME at that TIME and then just do it, till it stops working of ME.


The Mennonites don't believe in "proving" their beliefs in history or science and prefer to spend their time studying what we do know, instead of arguing about what we are guessing about. I learned the value of doing that back on the late 1990s and have felt freed ever since.

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