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What math can I use for 6th grade that has some algebra mixed in?


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I was looking at the Holt McDougal math that our school system uses and WOW-the 6th grade has a TON of algebraic stuff in there: frequency distribution, graphing functions, writing equations from functions, negative rational numbers, coordinate plane (with polygons and transformations), slope and rate of change, etc.


Even the simple things then go into examples with variables, etc.


I thought it was pretty well done and incremental enough so it wasn't overwhelming at ALL.


We've used CLE, which I've been pleased with, and does include some algebraic thinking, but I just looked through all of the 6th grade books (which we're about to start), and it has hardly any of what I mentioned above. And strangely, it has less algebraic thinking than other years have had.


I'm looking for a good math to transition us into pre-algebra. I thought of Lial's BCM, but there's almost too much review there. I have Lial's Pre-algebra here, but that's too big a jump.


Isn't there any 6th grade math that (lightly) gets into some of the topics I listed above?


What about Saxon 7/6 or 8/7?

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She definitely could use more work with regular concepts too.


If CLE is a solid program, I agree with the pp.... Don't change, and, boy, do I know that questioning feeling! If you've been using CLE all the way through, it might be better to preserve the continuity in scope and sequence.


If CLE's not working out, and you want to change anyhow, you could try the Saxon placement tests to see if she could go to 8/7. Or, why not just go to the 6th grade text of the school she'll be attending in 7th & 8th?


The thing is, if she needs more review of basic math concepts, 6th grade is when you want to nail those. It might serve her better long term to get those basic concepts (fractions, decimals, percents, number properties, etc.) down in 6th. Without those, later math is going to be a miserable slog for her.

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