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Moody science videos? Something else?


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We own the Moody series and ok, they are a bit dry and they are dated (think "Wild Kingdom".. remember that show?). However, the information is actually very good and if you can get past the Wild Kingdom thing, we have enjoyed most, tolerated somewhat some of the others. The one on the bees was totally fascinating and we loved it. The one about the electric eel and electricity was pretty fascinating too. So, while I would not spend a lot of money on them, if you can borrow them from friends or library, I think there would definitely be something of interest there.

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Just one word: boooooring. I think better options for independent science are:


Time4Learning ($30 per month, no commitment)

United Streaming (I love this service and use it all the time!)

Mythbusters, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, etc via cable (if you have)

Schlessinger Media videos (library)

National Geographic videos (library)


Otherwise, maybe a book basket and some science kits?

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We have all the "Newton's Workshop" science videos that we were going to sell at a garage sale next weekend. Would you like them? No charge, but you can reimburse for postage if you'd like. If you'll send me an e-mail with your address, I'll get them out to you.


Oh, and I just remembered! We have most of the Moody Science videos, too! They're in the garage sale stack. I can send you those as well if you want them.

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I really value the older Moody videos, and appreciate that they don't speak down to the child. They actually assume that a child has an attention span and an interest in science. They also always tie in a faith lesson.


However, I don't introduce more than one Moody video every week. I think it defeats the purpose in this type of learning, which takes time to sink in.


For other fun science videos, I trust the Schlessinger videos that someone else has mentioned. They may not be listed under Schlessinger, though, and maybe harder to find on a library search if you don't know each name. However, all our libraries carry them.


My son loves Bill Nye. You have to be okay with modern stuff like rock music & hearing "billions of years" (whether or not you agree, you just have to be okay with kids listening to that treated as fact rather than theory). The only Bill Nye I would definitely not watch is the volcano one -- joking seem kinda lewd to me, but maybe it's just me.


We've only watched one Newton's workshop, but it seems similar to Bill Nye, but maybe not the big budget that Disney has.


DK has a lot of science videos. Again, we haven't watched many so I can't vouch for content, but they seem to have beautiful photography.


The Magic School Bus series has some of their books on video, if you like those. Lots of "save the earth" but hey, maybe it'll transfer over to keeping their room clean!

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