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Writing With Ease pre-orders from PHP -- has anyone been contacted for payment info?


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I am just wondering if anyone has been contacted by Peace Hill Press regarding payment information for Writing With Ease pre-orders.


In early April I emailed PHP to be added to the pre-order list. I haven't heard anything from them regarding payment. So I'm now wondering if I was supposed to give my phone number, or if they'll be emailing me, or ???


Can you tell I'm desperate to get started with my rising 2nd grader? She is a strong reader and "old" for her grade (September birthday, turning 8 at the beginning of 2nd grade), but is still struggling mightily with first grade writing skills. :001_unsure:

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I got an e-mail this week. I called Friday with my payment info and was told it should ship out in the next week or two.

A couple of questions:


When you originally emailed PHP with your pre-order request, did they make any response at that time?


How long ago did you contact them to pre-order?


Just wondering if they are doing "first come, first served" with the pre-orders... and if they responded to pre-orders and I didn't get a response, then maybe they never got my original email...

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