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Help me choose a vacuum!

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I had a really good kenmore canister vacuum. The belt broke about a year ago and I decided to get a new vacuum. Well, the new vacuum stinks so I went to get the kenmore to clean up and find the broken belt.


The inside is COVERED in mold! :glare: I'm allergic to molds, so I just put the whole thing outside. I don't think it's possible, or safe for me to clean the whole thing. I already have a headache from touching it long enough to figure out it has mold.


I need a new, good vacuum. I have carpet in the living room, stairs, and the entire second floor, so it has to have good/strong brushes.


What are the pros and cons for canister vs upright?


What vacuum do you have? What do you like and dislike about it?


Thank you for any help!

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If you have carpet, then my recommendation would be an upright, and use the attachments for the hard floors.


I have an Electrolux upright upstairs, which is all carpet (except for the tile in the bathrooms), and an Electrolux cannister for downstairs, which is all hardwood (except for the tile in the bathroom), with a few area rugs. Sometimes I bring the upright downstairs to clean the area rugs, because it does a better job than the carpet attachment for the cannister.

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I have two in our house, and like both.


The Kenmore Progressive upright (blue model) - I use the cotton HEPA filter bags in this one and it's a powerhouse vacuum....awesome suction and lots of attachments. This one lives on our lower level.


The Hoover Platinum upright - again, a HEPA filter and bag. This vacuum is powerful and super-lightweight since it comes with a second hand-held vacuum instead of attachments and hoses...so you get two vacuums if you go with this one. This one (two) lives on our main level and goes upstairs since it's really lightweight and easy to go up the stairs with.


I'd used the bagless vacuums before but went back to bagged vacuums because they just do a better job IMO and are less messy.

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