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These might be dumb questions (ipad related), but

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We do not have virus protection on our iPad.


If your wireless printer recognizes the iPad, then you can print to the printer. Our wireless printer is too old, and it is not compatible. There are apps you can try to print from your iPad through your computer and to the printer (obviously the computer must be on), but my printer is not on the list.

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Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to the printing question, as it depends on what make and model of printer you have. We have a wireless printer, but it must be too old to use with any of the available third-party printing apps that I have tried. I'm not willing to spend money on an app unless I know it's going to work, and some of them don't have a Lite or free version to see if it is compatible with your printer.

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I have a wireless HP printer. I installed the HP ePrint Home and Biz app on the ipad. Once it downloaded and installed, it took seconds to find the printer. I believe I can print to that printer from anywhere, even while traveling. I will test that on an upcoming trip.

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You don't need a virus protection.


Here's the thing to know about viruses. They are created by someone, some evil computer genius who has nothing better to do with their time. Why are they so common? Because those evil geniuses know that most of the world's population owns a PC (PC's are cheaper and easy to purchase for most of the population). So they are trying to hit up the masses. So they create viruses to attack PC's, also because of the operating system on the PC, Windows, it is a easier system to attack with a virus.



So that being said, Apple's operating systems in general are created in a different way, so that viruses are just not as easy to get in. Then add to the fact that there's just less people with Macs. So an evil genius generally is not going to spend their time getting into a harder system and affecting less people.


So then you add the iOS that the iPad uses. Again, very different than what is run on a Windows PC. Thus far, Viruses have never been an issue.

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