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HELP!! They HATE Saxon Algebra 2!!

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I'm planning to use Foerster's Algebra II + Trig with Math Without Borders for next year with my older DD.


Foerster Algebra II + Trig

Text + Solutions $100.34 from Veritas Press

Supplement with Math without Borders CD's $69

You might use this over two years and then you could think of it as splitting the cost between two years.


My younger DD uses BJU Math and we love it (she dislikes spiral methods - she wants to focus on one topic at a time). The younger levels must be taught as there's not much instruction in the text, but the upper levels seem to have a lot of instruction/explanations.

BJU Algebra 2:

Solid math - clearly written. Supplement with Khan Academy.

About $35 + shipping for used on Amazon. See samples here, click on "Look Inside This Book."

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The homeschool version looks cool, but is more expensive, and from what I've seen, it would be tough to have two students use it and keep track of their progress. One of them would have to keep track on paper rather than have the computer do it.


You could buy two copies or licenses for the regular version for the cost of one homeschool version.

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Why do they hate it? What is making them crazy? My daughter hates it too, but I am not switching. ;) My daughter hates it because it is hard, and some days she doesn't do very well. I tell her that it is OK not to do very well some days. I am not expecting her to understand it the first time every time. (And let me tell you, I wish that I had this attitude with my oldest. It makes life so much easier.)


I noticed that she was struggling on every problem that had a fraction in it. We are now going to take a week off and cover complex fractions again. I have noticed that the concepts early in Alg. 2 are not that hard, but they throw in a lot of numbers, complex fractions, opportunities to drop a negative, and then she gets frustrated because she missed one little thing and got the problem wrong. It is so easy to make a simple mistake on some of those problems. It isn't that she doesn't understand the concept, but it is that she isn't paying as close attention as she needs to on the problem.


If you can, take some of the problems that they are getting wrong and write them in a simpler form. See if they understand the concept behind the problem. Then show them how the problem is the same just with more variables, fractions, or what have you. That seems to help my daughter.


I say all this because I am pretty comfortable with Algebra, but I have also seen the confidence my older son has in math now. We struggled through some weeks, but the look on his face as he helped his dad with the Algebra on his MBA pretest was priceless.


One more question, what ages are your kids? My daughter is in 9th grade and she has plenty of time. My oldest did Alg. 2 in 10th grade. I do see the difference in the maturity.


I hope this helps a little. :001_smile:

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It is very difficult to use Saxon Algebra 2 if the student did not work Saxon Algebra 1.


Saxon has its own UNIQUE way of working problems-- and they DO NOT REVIEW (as in teach a review)-- they expect students using their program to be familiar with the way SAXON presents word problems and UNIQUE notations in the lesson and in the homework.


Hard does not necessarily mean rigorous-- it can mean UNNECESSARILY difficult because you are not speaking the same language!



If you did not use Saxon then consider switching to Lial-- inexpensive and very good. Each lesson is 2 days of homework. Student text is all you need to start (it has the answers of all assigned problems-- I assign the odds in the homework and all of the 'other ones'--chapter reviews, summaries...


Intermediate Algebra 8th edition is around $20 or less. ISBN 0321279204

This is the text I used with my own daughters and what I'm using with my online classes.


If you want video support consider looking at the 9th edition-- around $40. The 8th edition's videos are fine-- but they reworked them for the 9th-- the 9th videos also are more compatible with computers.... video lessons are around $35 for the set!

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Sorry, I have been away from my computer. We have been with Saxon since 7/8. She is in 10th grade, and did Saxon 1 last year. She did ok with it. My son who was a Junior last year, absolutely DETESTED Saxon Algebra 2. I did do Algebra 2 myself, but am considering finding a tutor for her. I will go back and see exactly what it is she is having the most issue with too, and see what we can do to backtrack and help her out with it. I *really* thought the Teacher would be the answer, but all it did with my older son, was give him all the answers :glare:

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We went to a local university and hired a math/physics major from their tutor list. One hour every other week to review problem areas, teach concepts that he'd not understood, etc. It was shockingly affordable and some of the best ed money we ever spent.

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I am a mathy person and always have been. I would have failed math with Saxon.


I really like Kinetic Books.


Lial's is another good choice. A really nice feature if you end up going with Lial's is the InterAct program.


Just choose the Lial's textbook that you have (there are plenty of other textbooks on this program, but Lial is the one I've heard good things about) and it will give lots of problems with immediate feedback and help.

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