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transcript - course in progress?

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I need to make a transcript for DD so she can apply for dual enrollment.

I do a by-subject transcript (because we want to include stuff prior to 9th grade)

How do you list courses that are currently in progress? Do I write the title and "in progress"?


In the grade or GPA area (whichever you do) I put an "X" and then in the notes section, I stated that the "X" indicated a class in progress or future class.

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So you list your main resources on the transcript? I like that idea. How do you get that to fit? Do you use landscape format?


No, I still use portrait form.


I have a column between course title and grade level columns for abbreviations for outsourced classes or private tutor. So, I have PAH for PA Homeschoolers AP coursework, AoPS, PT for private teacher, one for our local CC's name, etc.


FWIW, I only include the ones on the transcript page that I want to bring attention to ;) (So, AoPS was one I wanted for when ds applied to NASA's INSPIRE.....to which he was accepted. Yay!!)


(ETA: I thought I should explain the "bring attention to" part. I do not include SO for the scholars online class dd took b/c I was unhappy w/that class......I made the decision after it to never use that course again, so I obviously don't want to emphasize that she took that class.)

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On my daughter's transcript, I used an X to denote a current or future class. For classes that had already been completed, a grade was used instead of an X. The X notation was explained in a Notes section of the transcript; that section also included explanations of where various courses were taken (i.e., home, at a homeschooling resource center, community college, and a co-op).


I'd be happy to send you (or others) a copy of my daughter's transcript if you send me a personal message with your email address.




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On my ds's transcript, I had 3 columns for the courses: Course Title, Credits, and Grade. In the Grade column, I put In Prog or Planned for courses that were not yet completed. It came out looking very clear and nice. Then I just replaced the words with the final letter grade when the course was complete.

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