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Side dish for Potluck

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I'm supposed to bring a side dish for a potluck with four families. I'm thinking baked beans but I've never made them before. The host is providing the meat and dessert, another family is bringing bread and the last family is bringing a salad. Suggestions? The potluck will be outside. so I'm presuming BBQ.





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Baked beans sound like a great choice. You could just buy canned baked beans and doctor them up with bacon, onions, etc.


This is similiar to a recipe I make. It uses different kinds of beans besides baked. Mine also has hamburger in it.




Here's another that just uses baked beans. I think the molasses adds huge flavor to the recipe.



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Guest IdahoMtnMom

The baked bean recipe above looks so good! I also like to make a cold pasta salad. I always get asked for the recipe... it orginally comes from the chef at a 4 star restaurant in Anaheim Hills, CA called the Foxfire.


Italian Pasta Salad


1 bottle (12oz) Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing

1/3 cup sugar

2 tablespoons soy sauce

1 pound elbow marcaroni, cooked and drained

1 red onion, chopped

1 yellow bell pepper, chopped

4 ribs celery, chopped

20-25 black olives, halved

20-25 cherry tomatoes, halved

1.5 cups cubed cheese (cheddar or mozzerella or combo)

1.5 cups cubed salami or pepperoni or mix of both


Whisk together the dressing, sugar, and soy sauce. Taste, and add more sugar as desired (I like less and my mom makes it with a lot more!). Combine dressing with remaining ingredients in a large bowl. Mix well. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours (overnight is best). Mix well before serving.

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:lol: That's cute.


I'm coming to the midwest and telling everyone!


That sounds easy and perfect. I don't have any precooked bacon but I do have some regular bacon that I could fry up and toss in.


My mom used to make the simple bake bean recipe that someone posted above, but I don't think I have any molasses. Guess I could always get some.

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