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test scores upset

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We just got our CAT test scores in and I am very disappointed in my middle son's scores. His vocabulary scores were horrible. I think he got 8 out of 20 correct.

Can someone suggest a way to boost his vocabulary power? He has always had a hard time remembering things. The only time he does well in subjects like history or science or latin is if we go over everything we've learned every day. He needs that repitition but I don't always find the time to do that.

He will be taking Biology next fall and I think the vocabulary is going to kill him. How on earth do you find time to go over and over things?

I bought IEW"s poetry memorization cd and plan to use that - my thought process was maybe that part of his brain hasn't developed yet.


HELP!!!Getting desperate..He will be in 8th grade next year.




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I just bought the book Vocabulary Cartoons at a curriculum fair last weekend. I think it looks great & it uses mnemonics to help aid retention. I think this will be a great book for us.


That doesn't specifically address your concerns about biology, etc... vocab. But, if mnemonics would work for him, perhaps you & he could do your own vocab study by creating some mnemonics for some of the words he is having trouble with....


BTW, you could print some of the sample pages (gr. 3-6 book) or here (gr. 7-12 book I), and then use them w/ your ds to see if they work/he likes & retains info from them before deciding whether or not to purchase.

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