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March Madness.. . . .

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My dh and I are UConn alumni - it's where we met! We watched the game! Very rare for us to sit and watch t.v. together.


But, boy I even felt bad for Butler! And, the half time commentators were disgusted at how awful the game was going. They said it was the lowest half time scores since 1940!


Just glad UConn was able to put something together to win!


Surprised the girls lost to Notre Dame!

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Too bad the Lady Huskies couldn't pull it off.



Surprised the girls lost to Notre Dame!



Yeah, decided not to stay up and watch the women Sunday night - I was SO shocked they lost to ND. You kind of get used to them winning, you know?


And I have to admit, I did feel a little bad for Butler. . . . . . but not too much!;)

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My parents were pulling for Butler - my cousin graduated from there, and the whole fam is in Indiana.


But I'm enjoying the night, for now!


I think no one else is a b'ball fan on the boards, though. . . .:confused:


I do enjoy college basketball. (Pro b-ball is not my thing)


The game was kind of blah--not too exciting.


Maybe b/c I didn't have a dog in the fight?! HA! PUN! Get it? :lol:

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