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  1. Interesting how his appetite (for food) has increased. Is this ebook mainly for older kids or kids of all ages? Thanks.
  2. Yup. We have about 2 feet, maybe more and it is still going. I am just starting to be able to see some trees across the yard. Earlier everything was just total white out. So crazy!
  3. I am so sorry and will continue my prayers for you and your family. :grouphug:
  4. You could be a snowbird! Summers are perfectly beautiful here. But it sounds like TX would be much nicer than here in the winter. LOL. Someday I want to be a snowbird...
  5. In ME, we got over a foot of snow on Thurs. into Fri. with lots of heavy wind and power outages as well as 5 more inches on Sat. night with 6 more inches expected tomorrow night into Wed. Typical I would say. 72 degrees sounds blissful! I want to go where you are OP!
  6. I have had some pieces for 15 years and they are still going strong. Love the stoneware bar pan an pizza stone. I use them in place of cookie sheets. Their serving spatulas, silicon scrapers,and bamboo spoons are the most used items in my kitchen. They really have a lot of nice, quality tools to make your life in the kitchen easier. You can't go wrong, imo.
  7. Add chunks of butternut squash and some kale or spinach leaves.
  8. So happy to hear that common sense prevailed.
  9. That is the situation at the bus stop? That does not sound like a safe spot for a bus stop, regardless of how far the kids have to walk to get there. It is not safe for the bus to even stop. Has anyone physically looked at the location? Sounds like it may have been planned "on paper", not in person. I hope you can get some satisfaction when you call today.
  10. Thank you all for your help and guidance! Wish me luck.
  11. Can I use the Frontline if I have already used the Hartz 2 weeks ago?
  12. Oh no! I didn't realize that there was another stage in the life cycle! I think it was Hartz that we used. It has been fine for us before. Good to know that I shouldn't use it in the future. I can't do another monthly product yet though, right? Even though he has had a bath? Can I get a growth regulator product at walmart? (That is all we have out here for stores, or can I order on Amazon?) I do not have carpets, only wood, linoleum and tile floors. I will also look for Fleabusters... Can I do Capstar even though I have done the other treatments (which then say you can't use them again for 30 days)? Is it expensive? This is so miserable, but I guess it helps to know that it would take a while anyway. The labels on the products lead you to believe that it is a quick fix. This has been about 2 weeks so far. So miserable!
  13. I know there are several dog people here and I am hoping that you can help. Our sweet dog has fleas. I have already administered the monthly flea and tick treatment (over the counter, the tube where you squeeze a line of the medication down the back). And then I tried an all natural spray because I didn't want to over medicate. We used that a few times. And in frustration, also used a flea shampoo. With each treatment, he seemed to have fewer fleas, but not completely gone. Then, after a few days, would seem to get more uncomfortable and then there would look like there is more. :( All of the treatment say that they kill fleas, eggs and larvae and interrupt the life cycle. I am not seeing it work and my poor baby is so itchy. What else can I use? Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. Didn't see our math curriculum on the Secular 7-12 list. We are using Tablet Class.
  15. My top 3 were Singapore (13), Right Start (9) and Shiller (9). I love Singapore Math here, so it was right on the money for me. :)
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