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My 4yo wants a history book. Ideas?

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My son just announced that he wants a book about history. I live in Switzerland, so I will need to order an English language book- no trips to the library for us! I'm looking for smoething like the Usborne world history, but a level below it, for a pre-k/K audience. Any ideas? Has anyone read 11 Centuries of Children and Change? I found that on amazon and it looks interesting.



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My daughter likes the eyewitness books, as they have lots of colorful pictures. Also, have you heard of the horrible histories? My kids both LOVE those. The usborne book is good, but we use it less than I thought we would. I am hoping they get more into it with age.

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I think the Eyewitness Guides and the Horrible Histories are aimed at elementary & middle school rather than preschool. My younger kids loved the Good Times Travel Agency books, but there are quite a few of them, and they're only set in ancient times ...




There are also Curious Kids books, but again, not for the entire range of world history.




Good luck - I'm curious to see if you find something suitable!

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We have enjoyed Dorling Kindersley's, How Children Lived - A First Book of History.

:iagree:I would get this and the First Encyclopedia of History that I linked and use them together.


You might also like some of the books here: http://www.winterpromise.net/product_info.php?cPath=21_70&products_id=849&osCsid=d64a3b5304f2174021f3abc03c001869

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