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  1. Check out http://homeschoolskedtrack.com/ It's a free online record keeping resource - you can input resources, lesson plans, course descriptions, field trips...and create a transcript as well as generate a GPA based on what you input.
  2. At the risk of repeating myself (I've posted similar on more than one other thread) I use this program http://homeschoolskedtrack.com/ to keep track of everything. You may find it very helpful in organizing resources, percentages, assignments/activities, etc. You can also generate a transcript from it if you enter all of your subjects. And it's free! Just a thought! Sounds like a great course, btw - have fun!
  3. Not sure how helpful this will be for you, but here's ours: Grade 9: Algebra 1 World History Earth Science Cartoon Animation World Civilizations through Minecraft (Where was this when I was in school?!) ASB All of the above were outsourced to our local PPP. English: WriteShop 1 with a lit component Elective: Study Skills for Students in High School PE: TaeKwonDo This gave him a total of 6.25 credits with the option of added home components to be done over the summer (history & science) to bump that up to 6.75. Grade 10: Pacific Rim Experience (Social Studies which will also give him state history) Biology French 1 Animate Awesomeness (as a TA) Sculpture ASB (possibly running for VP) All of the above will be outsourced to the PPP. English: Lightning Lit/Comp: Speech and Early-Mid American Lit PE: TaeKwonDo Geometry: ? Possibly Math U See since I already have some components. This was supposed to be outsourced, but he got wait-listed for the class :( I am not a mathy person so suggestions are appreciated. Violin: If we can fit it into the day/budget This would give him around 7.5 credits
  4. You might try http://homeschoolskedtrack.com/ It's free and a great program. I've used it for several years.
  5. Eavesdropping.... :patriot: Happy Fourth, Everyone! Derek, how does this work? Let me try that again. :tongue_smilie: If there's an 8:00am Geo class that they offer (Eastern Time) does that mean my student would have to be at his computer at 5:00am (PNW)? I'm intrigued by the school, but we've never done online courses. Ds takes most of his at our PPP. He got waitlisted next year for Geometry, tho, so I'm looking for alternatives. TIA
  6. Well this all sounds familiar! Nothing to add, just eavesdropping for suggestions. :patriot: Happy Fourth! I will say, in case someone else wants to take a peek, I just started ds working through Building Thinking Skills Level 3 Verbal from Critical Thinking Co. At a quick glance, it seems to cover many things that previous suggestions also cover.
  7. I'll second LifePrint. I've been using it for myself and find it a great way to learn. The instructor is fun, energetic and easy to learn from.
  8. We're new to the GC lectures, but if each one of those courses (plus any extras) is about a 0.5 credit, why not do one for Semester 1 and the other for Semester 2 and call the year-long activities "Senior History Studies" or some such thing, for a full 1.0 credit.
  9. Speaking from ignorance but... "Transcript" usually identifies with credit hours, courses and GPA for High School students. I wonder if what they are really asking from you is a list of courses and their descriptions, any test results or activities your Middle School student has completed? If that's the case, then you would want to have a write-up for each course (Language Arts, Math, etc), resources used, methods of evaluation, learning goals, and learning activities used to accomplish those goals. An example might be: Course: Novel Writing Description: In this course, the student will learn how to design a plot, develop characters, create realistic dialogue, and write descriptive prose. First Semester is spent...Second Semester is spent... (edited for expediency) Objectives: The student will improve skills in the use of creativity, dialogue, plot and character development, vocabulary, and the mechanics of writing.... Activities: Class attendance and participation, participation in the NaNoWriMo project (story concept, writing goals, novel writing, editing), participation in the publication process (cover art, formatting, layout, "extra" pages such as author's biography), book release event Resources, Books, & Other Materials: NaNoWriMo Young Writer's Program, Chris Baty, Office of Letters and Light Novel Writing Class, ________, Instructor at ________ Methods of Evaluation: The student will be evaluated based on participation, attitude and improved creative writing skills. In addition, I would think they would want to see a portfolio of completed work. But, like I said, I have no experience in dealing with the traditional schools (where my student is concerned) so I really don't know. If I were you, I'd call the school office and ask for details and/or resources to help you comply with the request. Good luck! :seeya:
  10. We did WriteShop 1 for composition. For literature, I gave ds a book list of varying genres to pick from as a jumping off place, and required a minimum of one book per quarter. We used the sparknotes.com study guides and I had him take the quiz as a comprehension check. He read books like Huckleberry Finn, The Little Prince, Dante's Inferno.... As far as keeping track of hours, etc., I use a free online program http://homeschoolskedtrack.com that tracks lesson plans, hours, completed assignments, resources...and you can also print out course reports as well as create a transcript.
  11. We've been working through this: http://www.how-to-study.com Study Skills and Strategies for Students in High School It shows many different methods of taking notes, organizing information, etc. I haven't used their online stuff, but I imagine it's made up of the same sort of stuff. DS has also (on his own) practiced taking notes from Great Courses lectures, which I find encouraging since they are college level.
  12. You mentioned Lego and Architecture in the same statement :) It's not cheap, but there are several architecture buildings that Lego does. Maybe he could get a hold of some of those sets, build them, and research the actual buildings/builders? Frank Lloyd Wright comes to mind. I know Lego has kits for Falling Water House and The Guggenheim Museum.
  13. For 9th grade we used WriteShop 1. http://writeshop.com/writeshop-i-ii-overview/ That went pretty well, although my creative writer couldn't see why he had to do assignments the way they were set up :001_rolleyes: "It stifles my creativity!" Which, really, it doesn't. He just wants to write the way he wants to write, never mind practicing different techniques. Ah well. For 10th we're using Lightning Lit Speech and Early American Lit. We'll see how that goes! :tongue_smilie: Something else you might venture a peek at is Writer's Jungle. It seems to have some good stuff in it. Although, as I re-read your post, I see you already have writing.... http://www.bravewriter.com/
  14. So I was planning to outsource Spanish this year, however, the program ds is enrolled in has scheduled their Spanish class at the same time as Geometry, which ds also needs. I will find it much easier to teach Spanish at home than Geometry, which leads me to this post. Those of you who have taught Spanish at home - what curriculum/resources did you use? We tried Rosetta Stone several years ago, and it was not a good fit for ds. What other options have been found effective? I appreciate your insight as I begin planning next year's schedule!
  15. Thanks for the replies - I'll check these things out!
  16. Has anyone every done a study like this with their high schooler? My ds is 10th grade next year and showing interest in this field so I wanted to put something together for him, but there's not much out there for this level. Right now, I'm looking at books I used in college to see what I might be able to use with him, but I'd love some suggestions! Thanks!
  17. I don't know if this is what you're looking for or not, but have you thought about NaNoWriMo? My son has been through it a few times with a "class". They took an entire year for the project - Sept/Oct for novel planning, character development, etc; Nov for writing the novel; the following months for editing, extra pages (author's bio, dedication, etc) and cover design. The instructor turned the class into a writer's club and, especially in November, treats would be served while the novelists got comfy under tables, on counters, at desks...It was a really great experience for all involved, and at the end of it all, the students who finished had a professionally bound copy of their novel in hand! (Our program actually had a deal worked out with a local publisher who delighted in helping the students put together their finished products. NaNoWriMo uses a different company- not sure who currently, but the website should say). http://ywp.nanowrimo.org/ http://nanowrimo.org/
  18. I'll second Duolingo for just a working knowledge. My son is teaching himself German using this program and my husband and I are using it to brush up on our Spanish. It's not in-depth, but you'll learn some good skills & vocabulary. You might also check your local library's online resources. I know ours has a language program called "Mango" for learning basics.
  19. We belong to a parent partnership program (Washington state) and are required to show 30 hours a week (in the learning plan) for high school students, and around 24 credits for graduation. Although, since you're not in the states, I'm not sure how helpful this is as a gauge.
  20. Here's another one you may be interested in checking out. You can track courses, resources, assignments, grades, create transcripts....and it's free! http://www.homeschoolskedtrack.com/HomeSchool/displayLogin.do
  21. We're planning to use Lightning Literature & Composition next year. There are different sets available. You can take a look here: https://www.hewitthomeschooling.com They recommend certain ones for those entering highs school/new to Lightning Lit. We're starting with Speech and American Lit. (not at the same time). Sorry. Seem to be having trouble with the link. https://www.hewitthomeschooling.com/Senior/sLightning.aspx
  22. A couple resources you could check into: WriteShop 1&2 and Lightning Literature & Composition. We used WriteShop 1 this year (9th grade). I feel like it's a good basic writing program emphasizing creativity in both fiction and nonfiction writing. http://writeshop.com/writeshop-i-ii-overview/ We have Lightning Lit for next year, which seems more analytical in nature to me. https://www.hewitthomeschooling.com/Materials/mLLSrHigh.aspx Writer's Jungle may give you some ideas as well. It's not a curriculum so much as a method. http://www.bravewriter.com/ *Edited to add: I just went to the Brave Writer website and it turns out they have something geared specifically toward high schoolers. Looks pretty interesting. http://store.bravewriter.com/collections/home-study-courses/products/help-for-high-school Hope this helps!
  23. Hi Liza! An ALE is an Alternative Learning Experience program. It is a public school option where the parent is the primary instructor, and chooses the curriculum, but has access to district resources. You can enroll as a "full time" student, which means you create & turn in monthly reviews, learning plans, and participate in state testing. Or you can enroll "part time" which means you are not required to do all that. For us, with an only, it's kind of the best of both worlds. We have control over his education, but also have support and accountability, and he gets to have classes with other kids (usually mixed ages) and experience teachers other than just "mom".
  24. Wow! Some of you are so organized! Hello, Everybody! It's been a really long time since I've been on the boards, but staring high school in the face makes ya want to reach out! My ds will likely be enrolled in the local ALE for most of his courses. Here's what we're looking at currently: Math: Algebra 1 (We'll be working through Saxon Algebra 1/2 beginning next week in review/preparation for Algebra 1) Language Arts: English 9 (Or, if we do this on our own, I'm looking at WriteShop 1 coupled with Lightning Lit Speech or Early-Mid American, and Vocabulary from Classical Roots bk C) Science: Biology Social Studies: World History World Language: Spanish 1 The Arts: beginning Violin; Metal Arts Health/Fitness: Taekwondo, cont'd (will soon be a high enough rank to help with the younger classes as volunteer/leadership training); possibly PE @ the ALE CTE: Cartoon Animation Elective: Study Skills & Strategies for High School Students (from Mangram-Strichart - done at home) - I'm pretty excited about this one. I happened on it just googling the subject. It looks pretty thorough and I have high hopes that it will help ds improve his comprehension & skills. That's a lot of homework; some adjustments may need to be made. Happy planning, Everyone!
  25. Thanks for your replies! I'll look into these. Keep the suggestions coming! :)
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