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Science in a box?


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Prefer earth science/astronomy! We need a bit more organization to begin with, and then we can change it as needed.

If any of you wonderful sages have used a pre-planned science curriculum, please let me know!

We are finishing up life science, which was great as we followed WTM and our own vices (healthcare majors).

We do like experiments and workbooks, BTW!

Thanks again

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Thank you for the advice.

I have read a few notes about the above curriculums, but have you used any of these? What did you like, or dislike?

With 4 kiddos, I want substance, depth, and ease! Is that unrealistic?!:glare:

Thanks again! Moki4

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Well, if you don't mind Christian, I would suggest the CKE series (Christian Kids Explore) or Apologia. CKE covers more topics but less in depth while Apologia covers one main topic in depth. Both are very easy to use and not too teacher intensive (just preparing for experiments, collecting materials needed and carrying out the experiments). We used CKE Biology this year until my dc decided they wanted to go more in-depth with birds and insects. Then we purchased Apol. Zoo. 1 (flying creatures) to study that topic more in depth. HTH.

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Los Trancos Earthquake Walk--a self-guided earthquake tour in the Mid-Peninsula Open Space. Points out geological features that result from earthquakes, in a decently accessible trail of about 1-2 miles.


Nevada State Museum, Carson City--best huge picture of the rock cycle I have ever seen. Lots of great mineral exhibits. Some mining tour type activities as well, and a great store!


Lawrence Hall of Sciences--Berkeley--in the outside area there is a large display of different types of common rock formations as well as some large earthquake demo machines. Good information presented in a way that works for kinesthetic as well as visual learners.


If you are ever in San Juan Bautista, you can see the San Andreas Fault clearly if you look down behind the Mission chapel graveyard into the valley. It is pretty awesome--the scale is amazing.


Point Reyes--Also has a great earthquake rock, including a fence that was split in the 1906 quake that now has a displacement of more than 20 feet. (Until I saw this, I was not really afraid of earthquakes; now I am!)

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