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  1. Thanks so much for all the feedback! After reading through all of the responses, I'm no longer on the fence. I'm going to go ahead and I take the plunge! :thumbup:
  2. I do have a PP linked to my credit card, but it's for occasional purchases that I make online. I'm under the impression that if I want to SELL something online (i.e. my used curriculum) then I should accept PP by linking it to my checking account. I think it would also "verify" me on PP, which I think makes buyers feel more confident buying from you. Perhaps I'm wrong.
  3. I really want to sell my used curriculum and I know that if I accept PayPal I'll probably get more buyers, but I'm on the fence. I've been researching and I keep reading horror stories about bank accounts being hacked, scams, etc. This is making me quite unsure. Frankly, I'd love to just accept postal money orders like I did years ago, but apparently even those can be fake these days, not to mention I noticed many people advise against money order payments since there's no recourse. I've heard that if you do accept PP, just don't take personal payments. I've also heard that opening a separate checking account to link to and leaving a small amount of money in it is wiser than linking to your main checking account. Please chime in with your two cents for me. Do you think PP is safe? Do you accept PP and if so, have you ever had problems with it?
  4. Thanks for explaining how the Berkey works. This sounds exactly like what I've been looking for! How much did your stainless steel one cost and where did you purchase it? Is it made in the USA and guaranteed to be lead free? Are the filters carbon like the Brita ones? How much do new filters cost and how do you know when to change the filters? Does the Berkey filter out chlorine and other trace chemicals and yucky things in the water? Thanks in advance for answering. I asked quite a few of questions. :)
  5. Do you buy it all the time? Do you feel it's more pure since it's distilled? Do you know if it's a healthy bottled water? (If that makes any sense. LOL) I LOVE the taste of Dasani water, can't imagine it tastes better than that. Dasani is purified by reverse osmosis.
  6. Okay. I'm on a water kick. I asked about Big Berkey's on another thread and now I want to know about the bottled water called SmartWater by Glaceau. It's distilled with electrolytes added back in. I've heard it tastes great. It's not cheap, though. I picked up a bottle yesterday, but we haven't tried it yet. Dr. Weil claims that distilled water is the best water. Some say it isn't good for you b/c it has no minerals. Others say it tastes horrible...except Smartwater, which gets great reviews. Anyone?
  7. Can someone explain how BB works? Do you fill the BB with tap water and press a lever or something to get your water, which is filtered before going into your cup? Maybe I just need to spend some time on the BB website to find out more.
  8. I would like to know more about the Big Berkey water filter systems. If you have one, please tell me why you're sold on it. In other words, what's so great about it? I've decided to stop refilling our water bottles at the grocery store water filter vending machines and I'm back to buying bottled water. Why? Because even though the published report from my city states that the tap water is safe, we've never felt good about drinking it. I don't know if I can feel confident about the Brita or Pur filter. I did a search and noticed some moms here really rave about the Big Berkey filter systems. Tell me more! I am at my wits end researching water filters and I'm tired of bottled water, but I'm so paranoid about using tap water.
  9. Do you just use the Biblioplan add-ons (maps, coloring pages, etc.) for hands-on or do you also use the activities suggested in the MOH book as well?
  10. Hi Tami,

    Seems that you're not online these days. I hope you, Miss M and and family are all doing well and enjoying the holidays. Let us know how your school year is going. I miss your blog posts.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Great news, Lee!! She's adorable!! What a wonderful Christmas gift. Blessings to you all.
  12. There's no such thing as "private" when it comes to the internet, IMO. I don't FB either. I guess I'm just too paranoid...And extremely cautious.
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