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I am (hopefully) finally done doing division!


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I did a lot of division problems over the past few months. I kept thinking, "Who is doing the math here?" (We also watched division movies, talked about why it worked, divided with manipulatives and money, etc.)


It was a long transition, but now she is doing division and I am watching.


I didn't post with questions, there are plenty of long division threads (and short division threads) out there. I read them all several times.


That is all.

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Great news, Elizabeth. What are these division movies you mention? Thanks!


All the ones at Kahn academy. There is also a link to a good one about short division in a thread here. Search "long division" and "short division" and you will get a bunch of good threads!

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Gotcha. We watch Khan Academy often. Today, actually. Regrouping :)


Oh, yes, we watched the regrouping ones, too! And, I did billions of regrouping problems, again thinking, "Who is doing the math here?" (And, explained it with all kinds of manipulatives, on the RS abacus, with money...)


My son will probably not need to watch the regrouping movies, he figured out how to regroup in less than one minute after a non-asian math explanation from my husband. (Who is actually better at math than me, but not yet trained up in the ways of Asian math and elementary math teaching.) My son will get the asian math explanation when we get to regrouping, he is not there yet. We are working through slower than he could go, aiming for thorough understanding.


(My husband just wanted to see talk to them about what they did in school. Then, he wanted to see if they could figure out the next level without teaching. Interestingly, we had gone over division so much that my daughter now understands it so well that she was able to divide a 5 digit number by a 2 digit number! :) She had previously only divided up to 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.) My son figured out on his own how to add up to 4 digits without regrouping, he had previously only added sums up to 20.

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