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Can I teach my DS Spanish?

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I had two years of Spanish in high school and two years in college. I never was very fluent, and have forgotten a lot, but I think I might pick it back up again without too much problem. At least, maybe well enough to teach DS his 2 years of foreign language if I had a teacher's edition of a textbook. Maybe?


Any thoughts on this?

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I think your DS can definitely LEARN Spanish - but I don't think you can TEACH him. You can assist him in his self-studies and facilitate his learning, but honestly I do not see how somebody can TEACH a foreign language he isn't fluent in.


My DD learns French. I learn along with her. I have some previous knowledge, good enough that I can help her with homework and correct a few things, but I am not proficient - the actual teaching is done through a self-study book, videos and a native speaker. I can not claim credit for that.

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About 15 years ago, when I moved here to Texas, I saw that I really needed to refresh my high school Spanish (I took 2 years of it--all that my high school offered, even though several girls in my class begged the administration to add a third year). I studied using:


1. Destinos, which was offered on public television at the time. To use it, first you watch the video (which I believe that you can now watch online), and then do the exericises in the book and workbook.


2. Dime! was at the time the most communicative approach offered in a high school textbook (I bought it at a second hand store). I did it page by page, exercise by exercise (orally, to myself), though the book, until half way through book two (then I got stuck). It has now been replaced by En Espanol! If you and your son are motivated enough to go through a textbook like this page by page and do every single exercise, even orally, then you really can get pretty far. But to help with the corrections, you will also need a copy of 501 Spanish Verbs.

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