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Help! Buying Prepared Nutrient Agar in Disposable Sterile Plates

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I am buying 10 prepared petri dishes for DD~7 to do a bacteria experiment in Singapore Science, but I am going to have extra dishes.

(How do I store these when I get 'em?)


Any ideas for what we could do with the other 7 dishes? I'd love to do a science fair type project with DD, but I am not a science person. I need some help.


Any and all suggestions welcome.




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I don't know how to store them, but I know on Mythbusters they did an experiment to see if that myth about toilet spray (you know - when you flush, anything within 6 feet of the toilet is getting poo on it) was true. They swabbed several areas of the bathroom and then a couple areas of the kitchen to see which had more fecal bacteria.


editing to add: this is one of those experiments that would be fun to do, but you might not want to know the results. KWIM?

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