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MCP's Spelling Workout

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I use the Teacher's Edition for spelling tests and additional work, like the take it home sheets. It is not a must at all. I have three dc so I will use it a lot.

The newer edition has a more updated cover and graphics as far as I can tell.

I have liked the program overall, my dc are spelling well.:001_smile:

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We did not use the TM and we are on Book E now. The difference is the older one is more of a space theme I think and the newer is sports themes? My son prefers the space theme ones, but we love the program.




Angie (home4fun)

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The difference between the two editions is just the outside cover and that's it. I have not used my TM and have used all levels up through G. In my opinion it isn't necessary unless you want some extra stuff to do or you are unsure about things as they get older.

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