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  1. Could I clarify that you did not have an "official" IEP or 504 and you were still granted the accommodations for the testing? I do many of the same things you do to accodomate my sons struggles but we don't have any official Dr. diaganosis to prove he has auditory processing issues or dyslexia for example. Thanks for your help. Angie (Home4fun)
  2. I'm using Biology with the Sassafras book. We are 4 weeks in and my boys ages 8 and 11 as well love it! They love the story! It's well written and my kids beg for more, which I make them wait unti the next week. We have the activity guide and are enjoying it so much. A gem this year! We have also used the clasic in years past but this by far is our favorite. Angie Homer4fun
  3. Thanks again for some more people chiming in on what they put on their transcripts. This really has been helpful to me. Angie
  4. Thanks I think this is what I'm looking for and was thinking of similar titles. Yes we also have a requirement for American history and world history so this seems like it would work out great. Thanks for your help. Angie McKelvey
  5. If you are following the WTM what are your History class names for your transcript for your 3 or 4 credit hours for history? I'm trying to understand if we study Ancients in 9th, Middle ages 10th, Renaissance 11th and Modern 12th, but are required by the state to have High School credit for World History, American History, and one other history, how does this translate? For example could you have your high school history credits be World history 1 (9th) world history 2 (10th) American history 1 (11th) and American history 2 (12th) ? What are some class names for your transcript you used when you followed the WTM history cycle? Have you done all 4 years for high school when usually its not required? Thanks for any help.
  6. Thanks! Anyone else had a done Lial after Singapore? Angie (Home4fun)
  7. I have a son finishing up Singapore Math 6B and wanted to know if Lial would be a good fit for him to do next? I do not have any experience with Lial but looking to take on online class with it. Would this be a hard transition if hes only done Singapore. He does not struggle with Singapore but also likes the mastery type of program. Thanks for any advise. Angie Home4fun
  8. Thank you all for your responses. They were all very helpful and it helped me take a sigh of relief that we can continue with Indonesian lessons and not necessarily need to add another language in his busy schedule. He does enjoy languages but he is not sure where he wants to go to college or what he wants to do. I really appreciate all your help! Angie (home4fun)
  9. Hi. We live in Indonesia and my son is currently studying Indonesian here. He studies 4 hours a week with a teacher. Will this count for his language credits for High School? Or should he also be studying another traditional language like Spanish, French, German... If he studies Latin would that also count for Language requirements? Thanks for your help. Angie (home4fun)
  10. We are in 3rd year cycle of SOTW and my 7th grader has read all of the recommend reading from the WTM. We are only half way through the school year. What would you recommend he read for the second half of the year? Should I move into 8th grade reading but then we will be in modern times and be in the same boat next year? I Added Henty books so this should slow him a bit, but wanted to see what other American history books to add or any other suggestions for the rest of this school year reading. thanks Angie
  11. We had our boys start Rosetta Stone and they had a great jump on language learning. They did it for 20 mins a day 4-5 times a day for 5 months before we came and it was amazing what they had picked up and were able to start using when we arrived. Where are you going to be located? We are pretty remote in Sumatra. Go luck with language. Its a blast seeing the kids speak and use another language. Angie
  12. is offering a deal of 225 books for 100 dollars until Christmas all Kindle editions! http://www.yesterdaysclassics.com/catalog/catalogkindlebytitle.php I thought it was a great deal. Angie (home4fun)
  13. to buy lectures from other home school conferences. This link is to the Colorado one which I had to miss this year. http://www.best-christian-conferences.com/bcc/store/Scripts/orderform.asp?id=5963 Angie (home4fun)
  14. craigslist...because I found a printing business closing and got a high quality one for cheep. Angie (home4fun)
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