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How long does it take your 6th grader to do a lesson in Horizons Math?


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A single lesson? My 6th grader is doing Horizons 6 and I'd say it takes him 15-20 minutes a day. He is strong on math though. (and we do LOF as a supplement for a full math day) Based on what I've seen I'd say if he's spending more than half an hour, there's something he's not getting, or he's daydreaming.

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Often an hour, but most times around 45 minutes. If it's more than an hour, find out if that's because he's dawdling or if there are too many problems or it's a really hard section etc... I sometimes cut some of the review sets in half--some of those pages have tons of problems incorporated into the puzzles and I don't always think that's all needed.


If he's dawdling, cut the time off at an hour & tell him the rest is homework. This gets him to move on to the rest of his subjects. When school is over, it's "free" time unless you have homework. This shows the child concretely that they are wasting their own free time by dawdling and helps them learn to stay on task better the next time.


Another way to combat dawdling--if he usually works in his room, have him work at the kitchen table or somewhere that isn't hidden, so you can see what he's doing with his time. Some kids just get easily distracted, and you may need to work on his work station to combat that. That can take some discussion about what kinds of things distract (noises, toys, sights etc...) and what will help best.


I do find that Horizons can be lengthy and difficult in some of the lessons around this time of year, so if he's in a particularly difficult part of the book, you might want to accommodate by either cutting review problems or letting him take 2 days to do a lesson, etc... Or see if there's something else slowing him up (for example, needing to work on math facts).


Merry :-)

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