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    I'm 37, married for 15 years, and have 2 sons, ages 5 and 9.
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    Texas, USA
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    Scrapbooking, Martial Arts, Computer Games, Music (playing)
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  1. I voted "No Way, I'm outta here", but then my house is about 2 miles from Galveston Bay and we're usually a mandatory evacuation area anyway....
  2. We started our school year 6/1 and finished our first quarter last week. We're having a Not Back To School Pool party today and taking this week off. :party:
  3. My ds12 did fine in Horizons 6 and is having a hard time in Horizons Pre-Algebra. Of course, YMMV, but I wouldn't skip 6....
  4. FWIW, we've had a hamster break its leg. We took it to the vet and she said there was not much they could do. The hamster seemed OK and was moving eating and drinking. We took it home and it lived another 1.5 years. Of course that hamster appeared to be indestructible. She also survived not one, but two, trips to the cat's mouth...
  5. No, but I've gotten an email from a "friend" that was so hateful i threw up - three times. A dear friend came over and she and my husband sat with me for a couple of hours. Then I went to bed. :grouphug: I hope the fallout is less than you anticipate.:grouphug:
  6. because I have not, but I can imagine circumstances where I might...:o
  7. We school year round so we take the entire first week of public school off. The first day, we have some friends coming over to swim and hang out.
  8. I voted other: Desktop for (paid) work; laptop for home management, school and play.
  9. I work at home and can set my own hours, mostly. I work almost 25 hours a week and have for years. Our schedule looks like this: 8 - 9 mom works 9 - 10:30 mom works, kids do independent school 10:30-11:30 we all have some active time 11:30-3 lunch and school with mom 3-4 mom works, more active time for the boys 4-5 mom still works and independent work for ds12 5-6 school with mom 6-7 chores for all (this is when I cook and grade) It makes for a long day but I feel like everybody gets the attention they need. The boys have breaks during the day. Ds12 does about 5 hours of work a day and ds8 does 4. They also have 2 hours of required physical activity a day (they both do better when I enforce this). I work for 4.5, exercise for 1, and teach 4. The rest of my time is spent on cooking, grading, and, sometimes, housework. Though in all honesty, my house is usually pretty messy. Something had to give and that was what we chose...
  10. I've lived in south Texas my entire life and this is the worst I can remember. The pool is hot; It's hot inside, and it's hot at night. I can not wait for this to be over....
  11. Ds8 has been playing cello for 1.5 years ( I've been his only teacher) and I tried to follow Suzuki principles, but there is just not much info out there and it was pretty frustrating. It's all covered in their training and i couldn't find many materials Had there been a nearby Suzuki cello teacher, I would have signed him up in a heartbeat. He's playing well enough now and will be joining the local youth orchestra beginners this year but I think we could have save a lot of stress and many tears if we'd done it differently...YMMV!
  12. This is awesome. I'd been toying with getting ds12 a telescope but wasn't sure the interest is there. I'll start with 1 and 2 above and if he's still interested, I'll feel much better about #3 AND have an idea how to go about it. Thanks!
  13. No way! But not out of concern for the school or teachers. I'd just rather not deal with the ps masses. If it didn't bother me to be around the crowds of poorly supervised kids, I'd take your friends attitude of it's a public park - they can't make me leave.
  14. I use red ink because it's easier to see. They can't correct what they don't know is wrong. I think reasonable expectations and requirements do more to support a child's sense of self than what color marks I use and what shape they are when I note mistakes ....
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