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Looking for my ideal grammar reference

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I'm looking for a GREAT grammar reference. I want one that has everything and is easy to use.


We've used a couple that served us well enough for the elementary years but we're moving on and up and need something comprehensive for now and through the future.


I bought two today that I think I'm going to return. One does not cover two-word adjective used as as single modifier (which is something I was specifically looking for) and the other is too . . . undecided. It wants to cover both formal and informal and ends up being too wordy and unclear. One of the other things I looked at specifically was apostrophizing plurals such as CDs and 10s, et c. Their explanation was all over the place with formal, informal, possibly wrong but widely accepted, et c. I'd rather the author(s) just take a stand and stick with it.


So, can you recommend a comprehensive, easy-to-use reference? I wouldn't say that cost is no object but I'm looking for a reference we'll use for a long time and will consider it an investment. I don't want to spend a lot just to spend a lot but if it's worth it, I'm willing to buy the best I can afford.



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Bumping this, and adding some questions...


MomOfOneFunOne - Just wondering if you've had a chance to look at Warriner's. I'm also looking to purchase the best grammar reference, and all of the copies in my local library are checked out.


I have the R&S Handbook, but it doesn't seem to go into detail for some of the things I've looked up recently (although the info is in the textbook..)


I'm considering the CLE Handbook, since we'll be using CLE 7 or 8 next year. Have you seen this one or heard anything about it?


Just curious...

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