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I blogged about this, but I have decided to start my own self-education along with my kids. Mommy brain is killing me and I thrive on educational challenges. This list doesn't include what I currently study along with my kids every day-nature study, math & grammar subjects, etc. This is a secular plan I have, I am UU. :) If you go to my blog (in siggy) there are the links to many of these things to MIT Opencourse sites, etc.


Basic spines for general study and studying skills:


  • An Incomplete Education
  • The Well Educated Mind





  • Mathematics: A Human Endeavor by Harold Jacobs
  • Mathematics: From the Birth of Numbers by Jan Gullberg and Peter Hilton
  • Algebra and Trigonometry by Foerster
  • Calculus Concepts and Applications by Foerster
  • Mathematics for the Nonmathematician



Language Arts


  • A rulebook for argument
  • Vocabulary From Classical Roots
  • New Oxford Guide To Writing
  • Woe Is I
  • Anguished English
  • Eats Shoots & Leaves
  • Elephants Of Style
  • Sin & Sintax
  • Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student
  • Reading Poetry



Logic & Philosophy


  • Logic
  • Philosophy of Love in the Western World






  • Human Physiology (text from college)
  • Zoology (text from college)
  • Genetics
  • Introduction to Biology
  • Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry-probably just borrow my husband's books









  • Rosetta Stone French
  • Easy French Step-by-Step















  • Alfred’s Adult Piano Course
  • Teach Yourself To Sing by Surmani
  • Violin (working on Suzuki book 1 & 2 at present)






  • Living A Sacred Life
  • Bible
  • Harry Potter and Philosophy
  • Catholic Bible In A Year or http://www.bible-reading.com/bible-plan.pdf
  • After the New Testament: A Reader in Early Christianity by Ehrman
  • A Brief Introduction to the New Testament





  • Complete works of Shakespeare
  • Complete works of Hugo
  • Complete works of Dickens
  • WEM Readings
  • Medieval Literature: Medieval Women Writers





  • Deutsch Heute
  • German in 10 minutes a day





  • Write Now


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I'm self-educating too. My boys are done homeschooling and grown.


I am recovering from PTSD and recently got dropped by our state vocation rehabilitation agency as unrecoverable and therefore ineligible for services and funding...so...instead of preparing for a vocation/college right now...I'm just studying whatever I want :-0


I cannot, not study. Learning is like breathing. It's easier to go without food, than mental stimulation.


Your list is impressive is all I can say :-) I drew stick figures today from Stick Figuring Through the Bible and did a couple President's Day activities :-) Yeah, I did some "grownup" studies too, but mostly I played :-)

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I am so very impressed with you! I wish you huge success. I am so much learning/refreshing with my son in high school studies. I actually compiled/designed a couple of courses for him, and he said "blech, not my thing", and I realized it was what I wanted to study. So maybe I will.


Thanks for the Harry Potter and Philosophy book idea. It is the perfect "hook" book for getting my son into philosophy, I believe. The Ultimate version was published in Sept, and I may get that rather than the earlier one, going to compare TOCs to see if its complete, but the later edition includes all seven HP books, so it might be just the ticket.


Thanks, and very good luck on your enrichment voyage,


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I am so very impressed with you! I wish you huge success. I am so much learning/refreshing with my son in high school studies. I actually compiled/designed a couple of courses for him, and he said "blech, not my thing", and I realized it was what I wanted to study. So maybe I will.


Thanks for the Harry Potter and Philosophy book idea. It is the perfect "hook" book for getting my son into philosophy, I believe. The Ultimate version was published in Sept, and I may get that rather than the earlier one, going to compare TOCs to see if its complete, but the later edition includes all seven HP books, so it might be just the ticket.


Thanks, and very good luck on your enrichment voyage,



Thanks! I was actually a Philosophy major in college but then switched to pre-med. I ended up stopping for awhile because I have so many interests, I can't decide on which major to end up with! I will have to look for the Ultimate version. I think I might have the older one. It says 2008 edition, so I'll research that further.


I have the same problem with my children. "What, you don't want to memorize Macbeth? Why not?" :lol:

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I've been on a self-education journey since 2008 when we switched to classical style homeschooling. Your list is impressive.


Like LBS I've realized that some of the things I wanted ds to study may not be his desire, so I'll do them myself.


I'm not sure how you're scheduling your self-ed. The only caution I would add is don't be afraid to deviate from your plan when you run across something you love. I've scheduled out my plan several times only to have it run aground when I find a certain area I want to know more about.


Good luck and happy studying. :D

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Thanks. :001_smile: I think I'm going to do a bit of a loop schedule for myself. I have two hours of time carved out after lunch for exercise and reading while the kids play in their rooms or outside (except the napping baby), so I'm going to slowly work through my list this way. I'm going to go fairly slowly in all but Latin and French as those are my strengths and go fast for me. I am also a die-hard British History student and usually read non-fiction books on the subject at breakfast, lunch, and before bed. Looking back, that's probably what I should have majored in. :001_huh:


I work on music and math while my kids do. My 10 yo took violin lessons with me until my hands were too swollen to continue during pregnancy. I'm still a little swollen, but have taken my violin back out and have slowly been reviewing.

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What fun! So far, I have been dragging my children along on what bits of self-education I have managed, except classical guitar and watercolours. I'm doing the painting with my mother, so I suppose it doesn't really count as self-education, but more as a sort of backwards sort of homeschooling LOL. Two of my sons are launched into educating themselves and one is close, so I am thinking more about my own education now. I think I will probably focus on art, music, and languages. I don't want to study any more writing. I can write poetry, but it is such hard work that it makes me feel like I'm throwing up, so I only do it when I have to. I have no ambition at all to write papers. None. I know it is useful. I discover so many things writing posts on this board. But I don't want to do it. I don't want to do history, either, unless it is involved with archaeology. I guess I'm not a very good classical self-educator. I would love to learn more languages, both ancient and modern. I like anthropology and geography. I would love to learn more math and science, but I don't know if I will have the energy to. I certainly don't, now, but I am relearning it with my 16yo still. I am doing philosophy with my feet GRIN- I am involved with the Nipponzan Myohoji. I am UU, too.


It is fun reading other people's self-education lists! I just read A Rulebook for Argument and liked it. And I think, as a UU, the Zinn is a good choice for US history. I haven't read it (well, except for bits here and there when I chose it) but my son has and he found it tolerable. Finding a US history book that would work for someone who had already learned a bunch of US history from Native Americans and civil rights activists and pacifist political activists was rather tricky. He would have flatly refused to read any of the more conservative histories. (The Cartoon histories will probably be as close as I get to a history book. I like those.) I also really, really like The Well Educated Mind. I think the questions are magic GRIN. I have been using it with my sons and it works beautifully.


You might want to add a catagory for current world events. I just read Three Cups of Tea.


I love the self-education threads.



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I actually started last year by simply reading classics. Just getting back in the habit of reading was a good first step for me.


My older son is using AO's HOE year 11 this year and will use their year 9 next year (I know, we are going backwards...his choice!:). I'm reading some of the books he's reading this year and some that he'll read next year.


He's using the Lively Art of Writing for his writing lessons this year. I did some of the exercises in the first chapter, but plan to continue with this book.


Also, my math skills are *extremely* weak. I am going to work through all the Key To...books also.


We are trying to sell our home and then will move to IN after our house sells. I don't think I'm going to start the Lively Art of Writing or the Key To...books until we get moved and settled. Since I won't have all my buddies to run around with and keep me distracted, I should have plenty of time for self-study once we get moved and settled.


I will continue with my readings. Here's what I'm currently reading...

-One Year Bible

-A History of the American People by Paul Johnson

-Northanger Abbey By Jane Austen

-The Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas

-Whatever Happened to Justice? by Richard Maybury

-Napoleon's Buttons How 17 Molecules Changed History

-A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

-The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life

-How to Win Friends and Influence People

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I LOVE Dumas. You will certainly enjoy Monte Cristo. One of my all-time favorite books. I could just swim in his pages.


I have the Really Short History of Everything for my kids, I will have to read that and the New Way Things Work, as well.


I admit my math list scares me the most. My mother abhorred math and I caught her hatred growing up. I am actually fairly good at it but until college I was always very scared of it, even with a 22 on my ACT with the little math education I had. Though I caught myself unable to do a long subtraction problem with my son today, so I will have to brush up on that more.


The Joy of Science books are really enjoyable, as well as the History of US series. My kids and I are enjoying these right now. Definitely not Conservative by any means, and thoroughly enjoyable just to read or watch.


I have Three Cups of Tea on my Amazon wishlist. I will definitely add that to my "sooner" list. I was obsessed with Anthropology growing up. I wanted to be an Egyptologist from age 3. Unfortunately, I was accepted into Duke for Biological Anthropology but my husband's job did not go through there, so I wasn't able to attend and we've never lived close to a University with an Anthropology major since. :(


I'm glad to see another UU on here! We haven't been to one for years as we now live in the boonies, many hours from the nearest one. But I am still one at heart. :D


I am adding a couple of things to my list that I realized need to be on there.

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Well, mommymilkies,

I need to not go back to reading your original post another minute. You have made me indulge and order three books from your list: Harry Potter and Philosophy: If Aristotle Ran Hogwarts (I liked this older version better, than the newer one, just from reading all the reviews; the Ultimate one, is a completely different set of essays, in the same series of books,the complete title is The Ultimate Harry Potter and Philosophy: Hogwarts for Muggles ), Living a Sacred Life, and An Incomplete Education. I'm excited, this spluge cost a tad more than $20, and touch three very different facets of who I am, and what I'm learning, so it feels quite nice, so I'm really sending you my gratitude.


Further, I looked up what a UU is, too. I skimmed some posts and at first thought it was something like a belting level in an Asian fitness sport? I have a well developed, overworking imagination, obviously. SO, I learned something new: what a UU is! Very cool. I'm really not being trifling, I'm so bad at figuring out all the initials that are used to shorthand typing in posts, that I sometimes totally miss the boat....so I just googled UU and learned something very interesting.



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I've been working on reviewing the Hebrew alphabet this evening. It's one of the skills that I have badly lost through my memory loss problems, and am having to start over at aleph.


I'm working through CLE Music 4 tonight. I'm doing okay, but I think I will learn quicker and more efficiently if I back up and quickly move through some of the lower levels.


I'm trying to play Psalm 100 from the Scottish Psalter on my new keyboard my friend bought me after thinking it was pitiful how I was playing the notes on my iPad. I'm so glad she knew to get me a little one with just the keys in my singing range.


I'm not sure what I'm going to tackle next. I think I'll take notes from some Fred Lybrand audio files on writing.

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I'm glad you found things you liked on my list, LBS. You know I did not know what a UU was until a woman in a playgroup we belonged to 6 years ago told me. It really felt like home going there. :)


What are you using for Hebrew, Hunter? I was raised Jewish but admit that other than some holiday prayers I have lost all of my reading/writing knowledge of it.

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Hebrew Made Easy



It looks like the audio might be being described a bit differently now, than when I bought it :-0 The ebook is only $1.95 :-)


I just want to review the alphabet for now, so I can copy hebrew words for my word studies in my SOW curriculum. So this curriculum is perfect. Just the alphabet and few common words.


I find that I can only tackle 3 skills at a time, so I like it when I can break a skill into a small project, because I get bored and like to hop to something else quickly. I'd like to pick my math back up when I finish the Hebrew, I think, and continue the writing and music.


I ended out studying my Bedell instead of the writing. I just love Bedell!! I am learning so much vocabulary and what exactly the KJV words mean. Today I learned the differences between cattle, beasts and creeping things :-) A few days ago I learned the difference between grass, herbs and trees.


It'll be 1:00 in the morning soon. I need to try and wind down enough to try and sleep a couple hours. I just don't sleep anymore :-(

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