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Mac Mini help - probably dumb question...

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Dh gave me a Mac Mini to do with as I please.:) I'm undecided about keeping it, but I would like to play with it a bit. I managed to find a monitor and mouse, but I don't have a keyboard at the moment. Is there an onscreen keyboard, and if so how do I find it??? Also, I work with dh and he is a Windows only kind of guy. If I started using a Mac, will I be able to share documents, etc. What programs are best?? Help me to decide whether or not to keep it, please!!

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I would be very happy to get a mac mini!


See if you can just buy yourself a cheap keyboard and try it out. I don't think there is any onscreen option. Do you have another computer? Maybe borrow the keyboard from that to try it out.


We are considering getting one, so if you want to sell.....let me know!



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We just bought a Mac Mini for the kids and I love it!! We hooked it up to a TV in the family room so I can see what the kids are up to at all times and we can use it to watch movies as well. :thumbup: My oldest will use it to do her school work (TT math or Saxon Teacher and various Critical Thinking Co CDs) so I can see what she's working on and be able to help her while cooking and not have to be interrupted all the time. I also like that as they get older and start surfing the internet more that dh and I will be able to keep close tabs on what they do.


It does not have any keyboard so you will need to find one in order to be able to use it.


As far as sharing documents, I use Open Office for Mac, which is free. With Open Office you have the option to convert files to MS Word/Excel format so file sharing is not a problem. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with any of the other programs so can't comment on file sharing using those.


As for keeping it, what will you be using it for? It's certainly not as powerful as an iMac or even a MacBook but for a light user, it's certainly sufficient and you can't beat the reliability of a Mac over a PC IMO. I'd keep it! ;) We love ours so far, but I'm a big fan of all products Mac.

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Dawn - I'll let you know first if I decide to sell. I figured I would sell it on here anyway. :001_smile: I've been waiting for ds to finish up on the desktop so I can steal the keyboard, but I'm impatient and he's in the middle of a big Lego design...:toetap05:


Plain Jane - Now why didn't I think of Open Office??? I've been using it for years. Thanks for the reminder! I've been thinking of switching to Apple for a while now, but we must use Windows for our business. I'm not sure if it's worth it or not, but I'm really getting sick of Windows issues. My musician brother is a Mac fanatic and is trying to convert me, so we'll see.

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