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Please tell me about paperback swap...

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I LOVE paperback swap! You just put in all your books that you have. Someone requests a book and you send it to them, cheapest way. When they receive it you get a credit. You can then use your credits to "order" any book that may be available. When you sign up they give you a couple of free credits. You can also buy credits if your books are being requested.


I've gotten almost all my readers for next year this way and a lot of the spine books.


Be careful, it's addicting! :D

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It is very easy. Just sign up, list at least 10 books which will give you a credit right off. List your books using the ISBN, verify that it meets criteria and post them. You will get notification when someone requests a book, you accept their request, you have a few days to actually mail it. Mail via media mail for heavy books and first class for light books. Your post office clerk can tell you which way is cheaper. Once the other person recieves the book, you will get a credit to use to request books for yourself.


There is also Bookmooch, it works pretty much the same way, but you get your credit when someone requests the book instead of after they have received it. And Bookmooch doesn't have the same criteria standards as PBS. But still a great way to swap books.


Note: You might want to do a search on the books that you want to list. See if they are on anyone's wishlist first. Otherwise you could list all ten or twenty books and find out that you need to mail all of them right away. I have a stack of books that I want to list, but I don't have the money to mail them out right now. So I just list a few at a time so that I am not overwhelmed with postage costs.

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You can search by ISBN and see if anyone is already signed up as "wishing" for each book, or how many copies of the book are already listed. If you list your first ten books as books there are already members waiting for, you will get rid of them really fast. I also list books that don't have a bunch of copies already posted. I do not bother to list books that are already have several copies listed because I do not want to hang onto them forever waiting for someone to request them. If they have no resale value on Amazon and Paperbackswap already has a lot of a book, I donate it to Goodwill.

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