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I'm a beginner to Charlotte Mason. . . where should I begin?


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I don't want to leave WTM and my curricula all together. But I keep hearing so many good things about Charlotte Mason.


But I don't know where to begin. . .





Susan Schaeffer Macaulay's book, "For the Children's Sake" is an excellant starting point!

You are welcome to read my review of the book at www.amazon.com


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The two are not mutually exclusive. There's a lot of overlap in technique, and you can create a CM education that incorporates a lot of the WTM method (or vice versa).


Ambleside Online has a ton of resources that will help you understand CM.


I take the Ambleside Online recommendations, replace their history with SOTW, and mush the reading list around to fit better with the WTM 4-year rotation (AO is roughly a 5 year rotation, and I think I kind of agree with their reasoning more, but the WTM rotation works well with our family's child spacing, so I'm doing it that way.)


http://www.tanglewoodeducation.com/ is a CM-based curriculum arranged along the WTM history rotation.


http://dev.welltrainedmind.com/charlotte-mason-education/ and http://dev.welltrainedmind.com/the-classical-side-of-charlotte-mason/ have a lot of information about the WTM method and how Charlotte Mason methods compare.

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I'm definately more CM than WTM. I use www.amblesideonline.com for my core using www.truthquesthistory.com for our history (an Ambleside alternate that lets me keep my kids together in a cycle). I also add in a progym writing program (Writing Tales then Classical Writing) and use Analytical Grammar. We don't do as much early memory work as strictly classical. It was challenging finding a balance. Best wishes:) Gina

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I consider our homeschooling style Charlotte Mason/Classical. Some people would consider or think that Charlotte Mason is like an unschooling or something, but Based on Charlotte

Mason guidelines, it is as intense as classical, If you read about it on Ambleside. Those are some hard books. I love the short classes, afternoons free to be out of doors. I may have over looked it, but Simply Charlotte Mason has alot of good material on her web page. everything from Curriculum guidelines, Books for grades, I love their books they use for spelling called i think spelling wisdom, It uses dictation to learn spelling. all in context. WOW pretty cool. nancyt.:grouphug:

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