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Help us with spelling curriculum


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Can anyone suggest a spelling curriculum I can look into? Here's where we are!


My son is 5, reading beyond 5th grade level, loves spelling and seeing how letters work together, like things to be very systematic and seeks to understand why things work the way they do, learns fast and enjoys it, likes independent work where he can explore


We've tried:

SWR - honestly, I just didn't have the time and energy to figure out this system well enough to use it

Sequential Spelling 1 - he can do the work, but does not find it fun (and at 5 if it's not fun, I'm not going to push it), the words seem all over the place and he doesn't always see logical connections even though they are word families, plus it takes to long to go through with him every day because he wasn't to know all the spelling rules behind every word


What I'm looking for:

A program where I can spend the first day teaching a few related spelling rules or concepts, then he spends the rest of the week working with a word list that reinforces those rules/concepts, and we have a test at the end of the week. I know I can use spelling city and we have additional resources to supplement the word list during the week. I just need something with a basic outline of teaching rules with related word lists we can work though.


Any thoughts or advice??? Or maybe even a better way of doing this? Your input is much appreciated!!!

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How To Teach Spelling

This is the teacher's book (you can use accompanying workbooks-How To Spell)

It teaches the spelling rules, and has dictations and lists of words for all grade levels, which I like b/c we don't have to be limited by grade level.


Here is a link to the publisher's site-


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Sounds like my 6 year old! We started SS, and he did fine with the words, but kept asking why: "Why do you double the 'n' in pinning?"


We switched to All About Spelling (AAS) 3 weeks ago. We just finished level 1 yesterday and WOW, what a difference! It's awesome!


Now it isn't laid out quite like what you are asking for, though I suppose it could maybe be used like that? I don't know. Each step has certain rules and such that you're working on, there is a list of 10 words for each step that you do first on the magnetic white board with letter magnets. Then you get paper and pencil out and do them again there, plus there are related words (using the same rules) as extras that you can do. They also have phrases, working up to sentences, that you dictate. These phrases/sentences use words from the various steps, so they're great for review.


The program is VERY systematic, and it really teaches why every word is spelled the way it is! It also is giving my son the phonics instruction he really didn't have when he learned to read.


So there isn't really an official "test", except that you're working with the words and dictating them and such. You do this every day. Yes, the parent is involved each day, but honestly, I enjoy this program. We spend 15-20 minutes on it Monday-Thursday.


If you get it, go ahead and get levels 1 and 2, because level 1 will be easy, but lays a good foundation. Level 2 will get more difficult. We did level 1 in 3 weeks, but don't expect level 2 to take such a short time. Even though level 1 was "easy", my son still learned a lot from it and started to apply what he was learning to other areas of his school work. It's awesome!


Oh, and the program is completely scripted and open and go. You coudn't ask for an easier to use program. It says exactly what you need to do each day. I had looked at SWR, and I decided I wanted something more open and go, where I could learn with my child rather than having to go get training. :tongue_smilie:

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We have been using Steck-Vaughn Spelling: Linking Words to Meaning



Every week has a new list with a rule to learn (sounds that make the long i, for example). They are not them most challenging words, but I'm sure that depends on the level you get. There are about 3-4 days' worth of pages to complete for each list including practice with synonyms, antonyms, fill-in-the blank stories, and proofreading. On Fridays, I give a spelling test by having her write the words on a clean piece of paper.

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We've been using Spelling Workout, my oldest sounds similar to your son. Level A was too easy so we started with level B. He is now on level D. The rules are explained, but they start out very simple. I don't know if it would be good for children who aren't natural spellers, but I like how easy it is to use. He does the workbook pages during the week and then at the end of the week I quiz him. We do the quiz orally at his request (personally I find it easier to write down words to see their spelling, but he seems to like the challenge of doing this spelling-bee style). Its working for us so I am not going to change what we are doing, though I am sometimes tempted after hearing so many people rave about AAS.

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It's the same price at both AAS and Rainbow Resource. RR has the free shipping for $150+. I bought directly from AAS to begin with, though the next couple levels I'll just throw into my RR order for next year. I don't know if RR has the nice spelling boxes and divider tabs yet? Those are really nice. I'm glad I got them. :)

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