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What would you recommend for core exercises

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My core strength is very low. I've looked up core exercises and am overwhelmed looking at crunches, planks, back extensions etc. I don't know what is best for me. What I need is some suggestions for exercises that I could start out with. I will be only doing 5 min. of core work a day at first. I have a floor:D, and an exercise ball (a big one that you can sit on). I have fibromyalgia and adrenal problems if that makes any difference (it may not). I currently walk 2 miles a day and do 20 min. of gardening rain or shine.

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The Core Program is an inexpensive and gentle program. I've fallen off the wagon (once again), but when I'm consistent about doing it I can tell a difference in how I feel.




I recommend this book as well: The Core Program, by Peggy Brill, a physical therapist who specializes in core exercises for women of all ages. The exercises are easy to learn, and once you learn them, the whole program only takes 15 minutes a day. I feel SO GOOD after doing them! There are three levels of exercises, so you can make it as gentle as you need.

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